Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Neil Peart's Bubba's Book Club recommended reading updated
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[Bubba's Book Club - Issue 17]

Neil Peart has updated the Bubba's Book Club section of his website where he reviews and recommends books that he's been reading. It's been over a year since Neil's last update back in September of 2011 so he's making up for lost time by reviewing a whopping 21 titles! You can check them out along with all of Neil's previous Bubba's Book Club installments at this location.



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#20 - Posted 2/21/13 @7:46PM by jaeger [contact]

#16. Philosophical and technical non-fiction, although I have an early fiction ms that I might one day present if I meet the right editor. I read an incredible amount of fiction (mainly in graduate school), as well as comp and ancient lit. (I had three majors, which spanned the arts and sciences.)
#19 - Posted 2/21/13 @2:00PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Copps in Hamilton for sure.Cinci sounds great but the thing is I promised the family that we would fly to Vegas but like I suspected there isn't going to be a second Vegas date.So then I thought what about the Salt Lake gig? Or Halifax?Maybe Milwaukee Summerfest?The kids have never flown so they want to fly somewhere to see Rush. So many choices bouncing around in my head and so few brain cells to try and process it all!
#18 - Posted 2/21/13 @1:43PM by lisah [contact]

Jupe, you might be Psychic, or would that be psycho? It's all good. Are you taking in any of the summer dates? Cincinnati is gonna be great, still some VIP Pkgs left, the more the merrier. Pre-show burgers & brews, or Pastrami's and Pilsners.
#17 - Posted 2/21/13 @1:19PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#13-"OMG you read my mind"...made me laugh!
#16 - Posted 2/21/13 @12:18PM by kjbird [contact]

#14 - what genre of books do you write?
#15 - Posted 2/21/13 @11:38AM by jaeger [contact]

Speaking of hooptedoodle, I've always liked Margaret Atwood's (Go, Canada!)
#14 - Posted 2/21/13 @11:29AM by jaeger [contact]

Amusing comments and assumptions about book reviewing. Neil leaves out the juicy case of reviewing a book that you don't expect to enjoy but that nonetheless makes you think hard about how and why you disagree with the perspective of the book you're reviewing. As a published author who is constantly asked to review books, I can tell you that it can also be good to review a book that is not so "enjoyable." Obviously, he has in mind mainly fiction books, but with with fiction it can also be painful to read something that you get a lot out of, even if you find the author a bit twisted (cf. e.g. Nabokov) in the case of certain books.
#13 - Posted 2/21/13 @10:56AM by lisah [contact]

#12, OMG!! You read my mind, where can I get some of those tomatoes you"re eating. Sounds like they might come from the same place as those "yummy magic mushrooms".
#12 - Posted 2/21/13 @7:01AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#4-#10- Exactly!You've hit the nail on the head for sure. I might add this though. If a canoe floated into your backyard and all four wheels fell off,wouldn't it take more than 17 pancakes to cover a purple doghouse? No , because metal tomatoes don't have fluffy wings!
#11 - Posted 2/20/13 @8:44PM by kjbird [contact]

Wow-what a booklist! A couple of takeaways.....

I like Neil's revision of Dr. Johnsons quotation "No one but a blockhead ever wrote except for money"; but rather No one but a blockhead ever wrote except for love. As someone very close to me is in the midst of writing a book, i can tell you first hand, it's for love (at least in this instance) and a lifelong dream being fulfilled.

"Strong Motion" by Jonathan Franzen peaked my interest. "I kind of miss my pre-Internet mind" - - i get it.

"In one Person" ....Go out there and go wild. But be NICE.

LOL-diss on the "O" book club .....great stance by the author on that one.

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