Friday, February 8, 2013

Geddy Lee describes his favorite sandwich in new interview
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Pastrami on ryeOver the last year has been occasionally featuring an article for their Heavy Metal Sandwich series where they ask various hard rock and heavy metal artists to describe their favorite type of sandwich. Today they featured Geddy Lee who described his favorite sandwich as a pastrami on rye with dijon mustard and pickles on the side:

... "I'm a big meat fan so this is great. It's a pastrami sandwich but you call it salt beef and in Montreal it's called Montreal smoked meat... Well, just smoked meat. I had a great sandwich in Langer's in Los Angeles while we were recording Clockwork Angels. I love going around the world and eating pastrami sandwiches - there are a couple of places in London that I have to try. Mishkin's is one. You know what? Talking about pastrami like this has given me an idea about the stage props for this tour..."

Metal rating? 6/6 because Geddy's such a big sandwich fan that his local deli has named a breakfast after him. More importantly, if you see any meat-oriented sandwiches on stage during Rush's world tour this year, you can directly attribute the idea to us. We want credit.

The local deli they mention above is Caplansky's Deli on College street in Toronto. Their sandwich they named after him is The Geddy and is described on the menu as follows:

Lox, salami and eggs all scrambled together with onions and served with rye toast, latkes & apple sauce just the way he likes it. Closer to the heart? You betcha

Back in the Fall of 2011, Unigirl Canada's Campus Cuisine featured Caplansky's Deli and received a personal video lesson on how to make The Geddy from owner Zane Caplansky which you can check out at this link.



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#14 - Posted 2/28/13 @7:32PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

wind that rattled in men's ears and.... oh high didn't realish or is it relish so quickly that you would respond through rush is a band now eh.

i think it's relish in sandwiched for which you came here to argue about the now defunct Bubba's bar and Grill Mockeries of past because it's mocking gnomes as well?

i say.

Are you aware of how pathetic the BING vs. GOOGLE challenge is, when this is the highest rated words on either board were typed in such words as "stop the ads i need to google something challenge. seems to me it's chemistry."

Bing loses also.

Try again when you get things right, gen-y, or gen-z , or whatever monkeys run the earth ship now.

whatever i'm done.

a monkey has taken over the presidency of earth and is flying int into the sun.

Jesus, the pope has some red shoes today.

let us pray.

dear elora and fergus:

#3) The Stella Electric
#2) The Stanley Prolific
#1) The Bubba Debrisable

dressed with extra ham
#13 - Posted 2/11/13 @11:04AM by lcboman

This past Saturday night I ate a pastrami sandwich (also cole slaw and fries with a black cherry pop) at Steeles Deli. It is around the corner form Geddy's old high school (Newtonbrook). Drove home listening to C of S. Went home and watched the Leafs beat the Habs. Fell asleep listening to F to K. An almost perfect Sat. night. It was all for the best.
#12 - Posted 2/9/13 @10:35PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

I enjoyed a Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich tonight as I enjoyed the Leafs making smoked meat out of the Canadians.
#11 - Posted 2/9/13 @10:22AM by lisah [contact]

I would gladly buy Ged his favorite sandwich if he would just give some tour dates for the summer!!! Come on already! This is torture.
#10 - Posted 2/8/13 @10:13PM by michinman [contact]

That sandwich looks so f'n good, I'd probably inhale it if I had it in front of me right now.
#9 - Posted 2/8/13 @2:19PM by GreeneWolfe [contact]

Ged....It's dead
#8 - Posted 2/8/13 @12:25PM by tammilani [contact]

Love this article. After the last show in LA at the Gibson, we raced to Canter's deli for pastrami sammis....a few other Rush fans showed up afterwards.

#2 - I agree - give us the tour dates!!!!!
#7 - Posted 2/8/13 @11:43AM by gag2man [contact]

Wonder if Caplansky's was the deli where Al & Ged were in Beyond The Lighted Stage when Geddy was asked for an autograph and Al wasn't. Funny.
#6 - Posted 2/8/13 @11:31AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

Had "The Geddy" at Caplansky's in Toronto last year and it was 100% delicious. The same woman that normally serves the boyz was our waitress as well!

I wouldn't count on too many setlist changes, if any, for 2013 ladies and gentlemen. Our overseas friends did not experience last year so the tour should be identical. Hopefully one or two but doubtful.

Just be thankful we are getting another unexpected helping!
#5 - Posted 2/8/13 @10:53AM by dogslikeRUSH [contact]

I'm imaging Geddy shooting sandwiches into the crowd with the t-shirt gun.

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