Monday, February 4, 2013

Geddy Lee to appear on How I Met Your Mother tonight
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UPDATE - 2/8@10:24AM: Here's the scene which includes Geddy Lee's cameo:

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 2/5@7:07AM: The full episode is now available for streaming on at this location. Other than the line in the promo clip below, Geddy also says, "That day is now known in music history as the day that grunge was born" in relation to the day that Robin Sparkles lost it on stage. And he also says "Halifax, Nova Scotia - Walnut Crunch" in reference to being asked about the place and type of donut he was eating at Tim Horton's at the time she lost it.

How I Met Your MotherAs we learned a few weeks ago, several Canadian celebrities including Geddy Lee will be making a guest appearance on tonight's episode (Season 8, Episode 15: P.S. I Love You) of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Last week broke down a recently released promo video for the show that reveals some details about the episode's premise:

... The promo promises that we'll see how the Canadian teen sensation Robin Sparkles went from pop princess to queen of darkness! The episode will show us a mockumentary showing Robin's fall from grace, which will include appearances by a lot of big name Canadian stars. The episode will feature James Van Der Beek, Jason Priestley, Alan Thicke, Paul Shaffer, Alex Trebek, K.D. Lang, former Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page, Rush frontman Geddy Lee, and former Canadian hockey player Luc Robitaille. ...

Geddy Lee on How I Met Your MotherThen over the weekend CBS released another promo video for the episode which shows the gang watching a mockumentary TV show called Underneath the Tunes that is a take-off on VH1's Behind the Music. The mockumentary talks about the day when the dark side of Robin Sparkles was revealed, and depicts Geddy Lee at about the 15-second mark saying, "a little piece of Canada died that day". You can watch the promo on YouTube at this location.

One of the stars of How I Met Your Mother is Jason Segel who also starred in the 2009 film I Love You Man where Rush made a guest appearance. Geddy filmed his spot back on January 10th based on this photo that Rush posted to their Facebook page a few weeks back.



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#56 - Posted 2/7/13 @1:11AM by michinman [contact]

#52 Timmy's (as we call it) is the shit! It pulled me through uni.
#55 - Posted 2/6/13 @9:43PM by Most Endangered Species [contact]

Thanks Rubinowits!
#54 - Posted 2/6/13 @6:22PM by Rubinowits [contact]

At #36: Yes, it's Halifax.
#53 - Posted 2/6/13 @1:25PM by ervnos [contact]

#49, the reality show "American Hoggers" cracks me up. Even if they play up some rural Texan stereotypes.
#52 - Posted 2/6/13 @9:48AM by mark one [contact]

we just got a tim hortons in my town . best coffee in the world ! canada is A ok in my book
#51 - Posted 2/5/13 @10:32PM by smiley [contact]

emotions transmitted
#50 - Posted 2/5/13 @9:09PM by Rusty Shackleford

Come, my "pissy" RIAB folk. Quit trying to rationalize with the irrational.
#49 - Posted 2/5/13 @8:32PM by snowdog2113 [contact]

Sorry Random, I honestly didn't mean to direct the insecurity remark specifically at you or to imply that's why you said what you said. I just meant it in a broad way and I stand by that. I've always thought that too many people derive way too much of their self-indentity from the groups they belong to rather than from themselves as individuals. I'm well aware of what "groups" I fall into such as gender and race and nationality and all that, but it's virtually impossible to offend me personally by attacking any of those groups I belong to because I simply don't get my identity from them. Those who do get offended more readily about generalizations and stereotypes are generally far more insecure as I said about how they view themselves. So when a broad statement is made and is exaggerated, they take it personally because to them they are synonymous with the groups they belong to.

As far as the show itself, there's nothing wrong with saying it's not funny. I didn't think it was all that funny, either. But not because of the stereotypes. I rarely watch much TV anyway. Did you get mad that Geddy played up all those same Canadian stereotypes on Take Off with Bob and Doug McKenzie? The guys in the band have always had a self-deprecating sense of humor about Canada because it's funny, they're clearly very proud to be Canadians, though. Nobody likes people who take themselves too seriously and you have to be able to laugh at yourself. I'm incredibly proud to be Texan, which makes it that much easier to laugh about the perceptions of it and exaggerations about it. Now, if you'll excuse me I've got to put my gun belt on and saddle my horse to ride down to the general store where the sheriff's rounding up a posse. Yeehawww!!!!!!!
#48 - Posted 2/5/13 @8:20PM by Most Endangered Species [contact]

#47 - You misspelled "aboot". I'll have "The Priestley".
#47 - Posted 2/5/13 @8:16PM by kjbird [contact]

Drinks anyone? How about a round of doughnuts for all!!

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