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New Guitar Center RockWalk induction Rush interview posted
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Back on November 20th of last year Rush was inducted into Guitar Center's RockWalk in a ceremony at the store's iconic Hollywood location on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Legendary DJ Jim Ladd gave a short speech introducing the band before they accepted the award and dipped their hands in the concrete. This afternoon Guitar Center posted a new video covering the ceremony including a short, new 2-minute interview with the band conducted by Ladd. You can check out the interview below or on YouTube at this link (thanks rosmakloma):



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#18 - Posted 1/11/13 @10:44AM by Rubinowits [contact]

at #17: I don't remember that happening at the Grace show. I remember that happening during Scars on the Presto tour - but those shows were in Detroit not Saginaw.

at Smiley: You summed it up well. Those first Rush concerts were integral in my musical formation.
#17 - Posted 1/10/13 @9:34PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

I was at that show, remember when the white "silk" looking curtain drew shut ?
what song were they playing ?
#16 - Posted 1/10/13 @6:32PM by smiley [contact]

at Rubinowits, that experience (Saginaw) introduced music in a way that is not easy to describe now, and sharing a musical journey all these years, cool thinking, it was sit down or fall, it made an inspiring impression, it was like a compass
#15 - Posted 1/10/13 @4:48PM by ITheJury [contact]

#11, Yeah, I'll bet you're right about that, I remember Geddy himself saying in the Rush in Rio documentary that Neil was as normal / goofy as anybody.

To that, Geddy might outwardly seem to have the most balanced combination of intellectual / goofball of the three, but I wonder if all three are pretty similar in private - if Neil and Alex's personalities contrast less than they appear. Neil's talked in his books about how warmly he feels about Alex, how good a friend Alex has been to him, and how much Alex makes him laugh.
#14 - Posted 1/10/13 @4:25PM by Rubinowits [contact]

At Smiley (#13).

My first Rush concert was also in Saginaw - Grace Under Pressure. I think Marillion opened. Amazing show
#13 - Posted 1/10/13 @12:05PM by smiley [contact]

always felt RUSH as humble with extreme truth together, young enough not to care too much,,,, we are young, simply enjoying the good music now again this concert chase is always angelic and fun, new orleans lakefront arena hemispheres i think; so 3hours motorcycle, it's sold out, everyone looking for a ticket, i give up, head back, and this angel pops out from the parked car and says what will you pay for a ticket? i immediately say fifty bucks (all i had) encouragingly and smiling, amazed by it all, never forgot that miracle, my first rush shoe (Saginaw) was so intensely loud and the energy so high it was exhausting, nice speakers, had never felt so much sonic power, overwhelming then, now just love the intensity and speed, it's extreme truth, like a lot of
the things we all know and love, RIAB cool blogospheres to you
#12 - Posted 1/10/13 @9:31AM by Micky [contact]

The more Alex grow older (and fatter) the more he looks like to my elder brother...ahahah...specially the eyes and the is incredible...:-)...
#11 - Posted 1/10/13 @2:28AM by Most Endangered Species [contact]

#7 - I suspect that Neil is probably more of a goofball than many people think when he's around friends, but I agree that he and Alex do seem like contrasting personalities. I've always felt that Geddy is the glue in that relationship. He is equal parts intellectual and goofball. Not only that, but modest - the rare rocker who never contracted Lead Singer Disease. If we had to pick one dude (and we really don't), I'd say we oughta give most of the credit to Geddy for keeping the band together all these years.
#10 - Posted 1/9/13 @1:48PM by kjbird [contact]

#9 - hahah - who can forget that; i'd call it more like a nod than a speech
#9 - Posted 1/9/13 @12:55PM by jaeger [contact]

#4 Remember that Alex gave the speech at the mic. I think that Ged is typically very articulate as well.

#5 Exactly: it's about the next show not the "honors." Way to go, Ged!

#7 I think it is more a matter of seeing the contrast between the extremes of Alex as jokester and Neil as "elder statesman" (saying he's proud to be 60!).

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