Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Direction's Harry Styles spotted sporting a Rush Presto t-shirt
1:50PM EST | comments (67) | ran a story today on how boy band sensation Harry Styles of One Direction was spotted in West Hollywood getting a new tattoo with his current girlfriend Taylor Swift. Styles must be a Rush fan since he's proudly sporting a Rush Presto t-shirt in the accompanying photo. So will this mean that Rush will now suddenly gain the adoration of millions of screaming teenage girls? :) Thanks to Christopher H for the heads up.



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#67 - Posted 12/21/12 @1:22AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Who knew ..... a Harry Styles (1D) thread on RIAB might get 66 hits (ahem 67).

Be careful ...... this might go viral (do we really want that ?)
#66 - Posted 12/20/12 @9:06PM by kjbird [contact]

#65 -ahhhhh yes....welcome to tetraspace. It's a beautiful thing.
#65 - Posted 12/20/12 @8:42PM by Buzz [contact]

I also kind of see some parallels between Hemispheres Apollo/Dionysus/Cygnus, the CA Watchmaker/Anarchist/Owen, and even the Matrix Architect/Oracle/Neo. All of which are really fascinating!
#64 - Posted 12/20/12 @5:00PM by smiley [contact]

!like how this is turning positive and you all sharing your deeper rush experiences, like the comic genius out there too, 2112 and CA, i see the parallels, 4th dimensional even, like spirit included, like strobe lighting in Houston from top center on the string section, i'll never forget that ever. peace riab folks, Smiley
#63 - Posted 12/20/12 @9:53AM by dinoman [contact]

Who knows, perhaps the kid just likes Rush. Even though his entertainer persona is likely fabricated by whatever corporate entity created this "band", he's still a real person and likely has real interests that other teenagers have. Even today, there's plenty of teenage boys into Rush.

And, even if it is a "fashion statement" (never thought that would apply to anything having to do with Rush), so what? Certainly many people, both famous and non, in the past and present have worn t-shirts of Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Beatles, etc. just to be "cool". If the recent resurgence of Rush puts them in that category, is that necessarily a bad thing? I certainly don't think it has hurt the cred of those other bands I mentioned. Quite frankly, I think it is about time Rush moved into the status of "household name" when it comes to rock bands. AND they did it on their own terms.
#62 - Posted 12/20/12 @9:06AM by Losingit2k

There's no such thing as bad advertising. However, I really wouldn't want RUSH associated with anything that includes Taylor Swift! She's a better actress/ Model than a singer. Holiday gift idea: Give her a "Bucket"!
#61 - Posted 12/20/12 @8:34AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

I just googled it and our boy Harry saw David Copperfield and these dudes on a 2 night stretch:


He combined the two for a cool shirt. A little fusion if you will.
#60 - Posted 12/20/12 @7:36AM by jaeger [contact]

#58,59 And then there's the poor dude who went to Japan only to find himself seeing Lush instead of Rush (no kidding!)
#59 - Posted 12/20/12 @2:15AM by Jennifer

#58: I've seen the same thing! I HATE that. Worst of all is when YouTube does it right below videos. "Rush is playing in your area on December 14..." NO THEY ARE NOT, THEY ARE NOT EVEN ON TOUR RIGHT NOW. I just feel bad for all the casual fans who aren't watching the actual tour dates like a hawk on this site, and get excited and tell friends without realizing the mistake.
#58 - Posted 12/20/12 @1:53AM by kjbird [contact]

#54,56,57 - huge pet peeve of mine is "Big Time Rush" mixed in with "Rush" when it comes to tour information, and misc.searches. I was looking up information before the official dates had been announced for CA tour, and i came upon information that i thought had 'leaked' saying Rush was playing at Riverbend in Cincinnati. Everything looked legit, pictorial of CA clock, album cover, that is until i saw the "fine print" and it had "Big Time Rush" playing there. UGH!!!! Get another name! How about "Big Time Surge" or "Big Time Adrenaline"! I could think of a few other names, but that wouldn't be lady-like. Piggy-backing off legends is profusely frowned upon :(

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