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Rush Clockwork Angels tour San Antonio open thread
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UPDATE - 12/6@9:31AM: Here's a review from Carter Biel at The Lofty Oaks.

UPDATE - 12/6@9:31AM: Here's a review from Carter Biel at The Lofty Oaks.

UPDATE - 12/2@10:38PM: Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons went to the show and the Toronto Sun had a little write up about it in today's edition:

Blue Jays manager John Gibbons experienced the "thrill of a lifetime" Friday night. And he didn't even have to put on a uniform or leave his hometown of San Antonio. Gibbons took his wife and two children to a concert at the AT&T Center ... and then backstage to meet Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of the Toronto-based band Rush. "They were big down here when I was in high school, I always liked them," said Gibbons from San Antonio before leaving for the 111th winter meetings at the Opryland Hotel. ...

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UPDATE - 12/1@12:30PM: Here's a review from the San Antonio Express-News.

UPDATE - 12/1@11:26AM: Here's a gallery of photos that was posted over at

UPDATE - 12/1@9:16AM: Rush played the same B setlist that was played in Phoenix last weekend; complete setlist here. Official photos have been posted at

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush continues their trek across the Lone Star State tonight when they bring the Clockwork Angels tour to the AT&T Center in San Antonio, TX. It's show number 34 and the 2nd to last date on the 2012 tour. After tonight Rush will close out the tour in Houston on Sunday. The band is due to play some version of their Night B setlist, but may swap out a track or two as has often been the case. As soon as I find out what version of the set was played along with any changes, I'll be sure to post it here. The San Antonio Current posted this preview article earlier in the week which contains some previously published interview segments with Alex Lifeson. There's also this preview article from The San Antonio Express Weekender. For everybody going to the show tonight, have fun, be safe, and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. Rush on!!

Date/Time: Friday, November 30th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 34
Venue: AT&T Center
Place: San Antonio, TX

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#22 - Posted 12/3/12 @12:18PM by lisah [contact]

Did anyone else notice the television-like camera & all the microphones set up next to the light boards on the floor at the SA concert? Also guys carrying cameras up on the stage during the show? Looks like they might have been doing some more for the DVD that they filmed for in Phoenix & Dallas. Also Alex& Ged, both were wearing the exact same outfits they wore for the 2 taped shows. Just curious.
#21 - Posted 12/3/12 @4:19AM by freewilly [contact]

PS I hope the one(s) that have been recorded for the upcoming release feature strong vocals too, but it seems I don't need to worry... anyone attended those concerts?
#20 - Posted 12/3/12 @4:15AM by freewilly [contact]

I'm in Holland but Geddy's voice seems to be back to great, strong HEIGHTS... since most of the Time Machine Tour his voice seems so have become stronger and the high pitch somehow, amazingly, easier to achieve, current and last tour were, overall, better in the vocal department than the previous three tours.
That said, the one of the Time Machine Tour dvd/blu-ray was a dissapointment, bad luck they scheduled that one for recording.
#19 - Posted 12/2/12 @12:41PM by lisah [contact]

One last remark! We were waiting in line for the venue to ope , standing next to "will-call" window, it was great to hear the "whooping & hollering", as people were picking up their VIP tickets, and tearing open the envelopes, like kids on Christmas morning. Got to love this band and their fans. LATER!!
#18 - Posted 12/2/12 @12:23PM by ervnos [contact]

To those who want Rush to play with a full symphony, it will NEVER happen. You can use your imaginations at will, but the reality is that would not work out logistically, even if the band had an inkling to mess with "2112" and "Tom Sawyer" arrangements.
#17 - Posted 12/2/12 @12:11PM by lisah [contact]

KJ, be thinkin' 'bout ya tonight. I know what to do during"The Analog Kid", lots of hopping, fist bumping, maybe even a little hip swiveling. I don't know if those younsters(the under 40 crowd), can keep up with this old broad. Let them try anyway. See you later on the Houston open thread. RUSH ON!!!
#16 - Posted 12/2/12 @12:00PM by kjbird [contact]

#15 great post and review! Nothing like checking the site and running across such a positive, energetic take on a Rush gig. It's a beautiful thing. Hope you're all rested and ready for tonight! I'm sure they'll close out 2012 with a bang!!
#15 - Posted 12/2/12 @11:35AM by lisah [contact]

Better late, than never! Here we go, SanAntonio was AMAZING!! We were about 20 rows back (on Ged's side of course), the crowd in our section stood up as soon as the lights went down. We didn't sit down until "half-time". Set list B, Manhattan Project with strings... AMAZING!! It was a full house(home of SA Spurs NBA team). Really nice venue. First time at this venue, sound was perfect. We could distinguish strings,bass, Al's solo's perfectly. Ged's voice was spot on, very strong, seemed to come through the music all the way through. CA, everyone in our side of the venue were singing along with all CA lyrics. I was pleasantley surprised, as I didn't want to be the only one who knew the lyrics. There was a lot of fist pumping, Presto bunny hopping, by the end of the first set, I think I had worked off about 5lbs. of body fat, I needed a break, and I wasn't the one up on stage!!! CA was more amazing than I imagined,LIVE!!! It is on to the last show tonight, this one is in the hometown of Houston. I heard on the local classic rock channel, Lerxst will be playing 18 holes at one of Houstons 5000 Golf Clubs today. It's perfect weather here for that all year long. Today, sunny,75 degrees, with a slight breeze. Perfect concert weather. Got to go pick out my RUSH OUTFIT for tonights show! Set list A. Hope they come back next Spring, or Summer. They would definitely not have ANY problems selling out because the fans down here simply adore these guys. We try to show them the Big Texas Howdy!!! Tonight its time to "LIVE IT ALL AGAIN".RUSH ON KJ, it was simply the BEST! Thought of you, will think of you again tonight at the show. Presto bunny hops, fist pumping, and of course think of Jim during 'The Anarchist".
#14 - Posted 12/2/12 @2:00AM by Louis2112 [contact]


I to would travel all over the world for RUSH. I always joke with my wife that I'm going to apply for a job as a "roadie for RUSH". To follow up on your comment about me: yes, differing opinions, tastes and feelings, like this blog, and our lives move us forward with open dialog. Don't get me wrong the show was awesome. I loved the deep cuts but as a pulse in the crowd I have to say a lot of the fans were turned off by the lack of "hits", especially in the 1st set. I have done a lot because of this band, RUSH. I was blessed to see them for 26 times, 27 with tonight's show in Houston. And I'm a fan of all their music. I love the new LP. I would love for them to tour with a massive symphony and play songs they only dreamed of playing. Take it easy and as always...RUSH ON!!!
#13 - Posted 12/1/12 @10:23PM by bravest_face [contact]

December 1, 2012:

This show was 'Simply, the Best'(caption lyric of Tina Turner's hit), I haven't seen every band in the history of the world part's I-II but I have seen enough to say that this Rush show was fantastic, if your a fan of, even just a casual fan of music and want to check out high caliber musicality this show is a must. I hope their is a second American leg that swing's through Texas for 2013 because I would enjoy another listen.

I've only listened to "Clockwork Angels" casually because I've been listening to other music outside the American Rock world to expand my horizon's, Thanks to the public library and You Tube,lol on the You Tube/Internet. So seeing it live was my first in depth listen, the first was online but MP3's are challenging, as soon as I get a job I'll buy the disk/HQ MP3 and some good head phones.

Back to the show: it was amazing, I was glued to my seat even if I had to use the gentlemen's room, go see this show, You tube won't do Justice only seeing it live will get your kicks off like route 66, I like it when they shed their snake skin and produce a whole new production. It was fantastic, the best performance since the HYF Tour, for me, since I've only seen them in Texas. Their chop's just keep getting better and the Lifeson's execution are original, tasteful and insane;y good, as well as Geddy and Peart have phenomenal showmanship and of course , I can see a trio like this playing well into their 80's,IMHO, with the right pacing! The new music is good, I think it's what Geddy has melodically been working on since "Test for Echo" and it has blossomed on Clockwork Angel's.

Apologies go out to: The group from San Paulo, Brazil who were annoyed by the Veteran concert guy next to me who kept talking to me very loud, the Pot smoking and for looking bored but I wasn't, just tired since I work nights.

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