Friday, November 23, 2012

Rush Clockwork Angels tour Las Vegas open thread
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UPDATE - 11/28@11:06PM: Here's another review from the Las Vegas Weekly.

UPDATE - 11/25@8:46PM: Here's a review from Las Vegas Weekly.

UPDATE - 11/24@10:41AM: Here's a gallery of photos from the show that was posted over at

UPDATE - 11/24@9:13AM: It looks like the Vegas crowd received the same slightly altered Night A setlist that was played in Buffalo last month (thanks Unit 3 and afrknob). Official photos are posted at

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush heads into Sin City tonight to bring the Clockwork Angels tour to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for stop #31 on the tour. Rush is due to play their Night A setlist but if they decide to change things up at all, I'll be sure to post it here. After tonight they'll head into Phoenix and Dallas where they'll be filming both shows for an upcoming live DVD. Here's a preview of tonight's show from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. For everyone going tonight - have fun, stay safe and be sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. Rush on!!!

Date/Time: Friday, November 23rd @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 31
Venue: MGM Grand
Place: Las Vegas, NV

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#41 - Posted 11/27/12 @7:38AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

lisah- I learned something as well. I always thought Neil was born and raised in St. Catherines, Ont, but I guess he was born in Hamilton, Ont. and lived in nearby Hagersville, then moved to St. Catherines when his dad got a job at a farm equipment dealership. Hope you have a great time at your Rush show!
#40 - Posted 11/26/12 @1:34PM by lisah [contact]

Jupe,Thanks for setting me straight on that Willowdale comment. Cut me some slack, as I am mentally challenged this week. Only a few days until I will be in the presence of our boys. I am not thinking about much else, I am never focused on anything else,but the shows in the final 5 day countdown. It is comforting to know that someone is picking up my slack,on this site. Rush fans helping eachother. Gotta love it!! RUSH ON!!
#39 - Posted 11/26/12 @7:11AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

#35- Bonjour and y'all in the same sentence? The person is obviously insane!LOL
#38 - Posted 11/25/12 @11:53PM by RUSHHEADDAVID [contact]

I posted three videos to you tube. Still kicking myself, deleted Analog Kid by mistake at intermission. Wish they would have filmed Friday night. Angles in Sin Town. Nah, I guess that would be a crapy title.

#37 - Posted 11/25/12 @8:04PM by oiler2112 [contact]

I have seen the boys on multiple dates at every tour since Permanent Waves. Can someone please tell me how in the hell they keep getting better, every damn tour? This concert was absolutely amazing. Alex, Geddy and Neil were spot-on the entire night. The strings section added a cool new dimension and sounded great. Alex especially was having a great time and was hillarious the entire night. I had the luck of being about 15 feet away from him and he was cracking me up with his antics. And to top that off, I was able to catch a shirt that Geddy tossed out to the audience. And if that wasnt enough, I got a pic of Neil smiling, which is hard to do as he is always in his zone of concentration, once he gets behind his drum kit. What a night!!!!
#36 - Posted 11/25/12 @7:26PM by RUSHHEADDAVID [contact]

@GraigJ #28... Ha, ha and double ha!!! It has to do where choo choo go.

@lisah #30... I use the,"Three travelers, men of Willowdale" reference a lot of the time when I talk about them Canadian boys.

#35 - Posted 11/25/12 @3:11PM by jaeger [contact]

There goes another one: link
#34 - Posted 11/25/12 @3:08PM by jaeger [contact]

#27. I've never seen a fatal car accident happen, but they are happening all the time. :)
#33 - Posted 11/25/12 @3:05PM by kjbird [contact]

#29 - you said is sista! I've been a fan (not a groupie, either!) of Rush since 1982. I can talk shop with the best of the male fans all day long. We are still in the minority, which i don't mind one bit. If fact, i think most of us RIAB purveyors could give a rats @#$ about whether fans are women or men, which i think is fantastic. So FAR this tour (yes, i'm still counting on more 2013 dates after June!) i've been to 2 shows and looking forward to more. All is AZ tonight, have an incredible time....would so love to be there! Do me a favor and rock it out for the boys and the DVD - - we want this recording to be energetic!! Rock it out!
#32 - Posted 11/25/12 @12:20PM by GangsterFurious [contact]

@ #30 That is awesome, my hubby and I just caught three shows as part of our honeymoon and I am saving up for more if they come back around next year. Which hopefully they will... my dream used to be to travel to Paris, now I just want to see Rush as many times as possible. :D

Also, there were a whole bunch of women at the shows I went to, with the exception of Los Angeles, which still had a very heavy male fan base and their disinterested girlfriends. However, Anaheim and San Diego had some really hardcore female fans that were there on their own or with their girlfriends.

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