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Rush Clockwork Angels tour Atlanta open thread
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UPDATE - 11/11@10:49AM: Here's a 3rd row photo gallery from reader ikepigott.

UPDATE - 11/7@2:33PM: Here's a gallery of photos that was posted over at

UPDATE - 11/4@4:11PM: Here's a review from the Paradiddler.

UPDATE - 11/2@7:18AM: Official photos have been posted at

UPDATE - 11/1@10:43PM: Other than the one change outlined below, the band played the B set; complete setlist here.

UPDATE - 11/1@9:57PM: Scott from Atlanta spotted Rush producer Nick Raskulinecz at the show rocking out right in front of the stage in the pit area. He tweeted the following pic too. They are well into the 2nd set now and following the B setlist except for the one change from earlier.

UPDATE - 11/1@8:36PM: According to @2ndNightTweeter on Twitter, the band is mixing things up again with the setlist. They replaced the 5th song in the first set with the same track they inserted in that position in Buffalo last week (*SPOILERS*). Otherwise they are following the standard B setlist so far.

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush takes the Clockwork Angels south to play the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Alpharetta, GA tonight - one of the few outdoor venues on the 2012 tour and the first since the September 9th Jiffy Lube Live show. It's expected that the band will be playing their Night B setlist, but it's always possible that they'll make an adjustment or two. If I here of any deviations from the standard B setlist I'll be sure to post them here. The weather forecast for tonight's show calls for clear skies and temps in the low 50s to upper 40s, so bundle up! For everyone going to the show - have fun, stay safe (and warm) and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us.

Date/Time: Thursday, November 1st @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 24
Venue: Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Place: Alpharetta, GA

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#66 - Posted 11/11/12 @9:19AM by ikepigott [contact]

Third row pics from me: link
#65 - Posted 11/4/12 @7:17AM by DaveHall [contact]

This year I didn't go crazy with the pictures and videos, I decided to watch the show more with my own eyes and less through the camera eye (LOL).
Last year I took over 150 pictures and several videos at both Greensboro & Greenville.

With that being said, I have a nice compilation clip and a full YYZ from right next to the stage on Youtube for you viewing pleasure. These are from last years Time Machine Tour, just search user davehall2397.

#64 - Posted 11/3/12 @2:37PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

lisah...The Vapor Trails "return" @ the Gorge was unbelievable It had been in the high 80s all week before the show and we dislike hot weather on the west side
(well, most of us) It rained the whole night, morning of the show, at the start of the show the sun was setting over the Columbia River at a very comfortable 76 degrees. Was one of the best shows ever, and I've been to 2112, AFTK's & Hemispheres front row...They played well over 3 & a half hours, 8th row center my wife was astounded as to what she had been missing all those years before.
#63 - Posted 11/2/12 @9:32PM by lisah [contact]

Seen pictures of Rush concert on TMT taken at The Gorge. Looks like something from COS, very ethereal, almost like you are sitting at the end of the earth. Only other place that looks similiar might be Red Rocks. I would love to see the boys play at a place that seems to fit perfect into the lyrics of The Fountain of Lamneth. It would give so much atmosphere to already kick butt material. You are only 10 days away jim. Can you even get anything done? I know I am already starting to feel somewhat outside myself about my shows, and I am completely sober. Maybe not for much longer. Tomorrow Tampa is going to rock the planet. RUSH ON!!!

song. Very et
#62 - Posted 11/2/12 @9:09PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

#56...Live is good as it's going to get, listening to anything off of Clockwork Angels.
Unless they pull off a miracle recording for the upcoming DVD. I'd love to hear the unmastered mixes of CwA...I bet they sound incredible
#61 - Posted 11/2/12 @8:56PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Rush loves Seattle. Gotta tell ya summer before last when they finished the TM tour at the Gorge it was just wild. Geddy through the f bomb for the first time in history after that show. At the start of the show Ged said they would leave it all on the floor and they sure did. Camera Eye and Marathon were highlights for me. The Gorge is this amazing place, it is like watching a concert outdoors with the Grand Canyon behind the stage. Neil has stated many times it is his favorite venue in the world, yes the world that way. Thanks Lisa and I know it has been brutally dry down there for a long time.
#60 - Posted 11/2/12 @8:48PM by lisah [contact]

Hey Jim, we could use a little of that Seattle rain down here. Could you send some our way? Glad to hear you are good. Ihope Key arena sells out. Seattle is usually a great rush town. Give the boys all you've got. later Jim.
#59 - Posted 11/2/12 @8:44PM by jiminseattle [contact]

Hi Lisa, yes we are getting very close which means you are getting closer as well. 78 degrees sounds so nummy! Rush n Roll!!
#58 - Posted 11/2/12 @8:43PM by lisah [contact]

11 days and counting Jim. I hope you have mixed yourself up a giant batch of that Rush kool-aid. I know I am drinking a big glass as I write this. Hello kj, hows it shaking up there in ohio, any snow yet? Its 78 degrees and sunny down here, almost makes me wish
rush could do an outdoors venue here, like they did for TMT. Acoustics were off the charts ged's voice just felt like it was going right through you, don't even get me started on how awesome Pratt's drums sounded. RUSH ON!
#57 - Posted 11/2/12 @8:37PM by lisah [contact]

MRSDAVEHALL, I think you are correct, looks like the same jacket to me. You have a good fashion sense.

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