Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rush Clockwork Angels tour Boston open thread
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UPDATE - 11/1@1:24PM: Here's a review from The Tufts Daily.

UPDATE - 10/30@11:13AM: Here's a review from EDGE on the Net.

UPDATE - 10/25@6:07PM: Here's a review from The Phoenix.

UPDATE - 10/25@12:29PM: Here's a gallery of photos from Ultimate Classic Rock.

UPDATE - 10/25@9:25AM: Here's a photo gallery that was posted over at

UPDATE - 10/25@8:05AM: Reports indicate (thanks Kelly D and Paul V) that the Night B setlist was played with one small exception in the Clockwork Angels set where they swapped out one song with another from that album that has been a regular part of the Night A setlist; complete Boston setlist here. Official photos have also been posted at

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush rolls into Boston tonight to play the TD Garden for stop #20 on the Clockwork Angels tour. It's anticipated that they'll be playing their Night B setlist - the same that was played in Newark (*SPOILERS*) over the weekend. As always, if there are any deviations from this setlist I'll post them here. For everybody going to the show tonight - have fun, stay safe and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. RUSH ON!!

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 24th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 20
Venue: TD Garden
Place: Boston, MA

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#108 - Posted 10/26/12 @12:58PM by jayallen [contact]

It would have been cool when acknowledging Neil Armstrong they played 'Countdown' from Signals
#107 - Posted 10/26/12 @9:49AM by Kelly D [contact]

Lack of fire- but flares and explosions did go off.
#106 - Posted 10/26/12 @9:32AM by jefroman [contact]

They had pyro!
#105 - Posted 10/26/12 @9:29AM by kjbird [contact]

jefroman-thx for the posts. There was talk for those not in attendance that there was no pyro at the Garden. I was curious if that's because the venue is so old? Any idea?
#104 - Posted 10/26/12 @9:27AM by jefroman [contact]

During the song "The Wreckers" Geddys teleprompter wasn't working and was upset that the roady was on stage to is my video link. Plus more video!

#103 - Posted 10/26/12 @9:19AM by jefroman [contact]

OK RUSH HEADS! Here are the BOSTON videos from the 3rd row! The Wreckers, 2112, Big Money, Tom Sawyer! I have other videos from previous shows!

#102 - Posted 10/26/12 @8:46AM by kjbird [contact]

;) I have only 2 words, and a hell of a lot of punctuation.
Two.Days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#101 - Posted 10/26/12 @8:34AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Headlong Attack....WTF??? And actually showing a picture of the mens room line up and the stupid comment that goes with it. This guy is a total anal orifice.See, no swearing kjbird.
#100 - Posted 10/26/12 @8:25AM by snowdog20 [contact]

#97. I have two words for you brother... "reading comprehension". It makes life alot easier.
#99 - Posted 10/25/12 @11:08PM by kjbird [contact]

OMG Sunriseinthemirror, NOBODY IS WEARING DAISY DUKES AT A RUSH CONCERT!! LOL -a It was a "check box" sub-thread about concert-goers etiquette. ABOUT RUSH!!
Rush, Rush, Rush, - - - - Everybody has to say "Rush" now in every comment line in order for the blog to be legit now.

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