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Geddy Lee on Rush's Rock Hall nomination in new interview
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Rush and the Rock HallYesterday we heard Alex Lifeson's comments on Rush's recent Rock Hall nomination when he was interviewed for The Record in the lead up to the band's show tomorrow in Newark. Now it's Geddy Lee's turn. Geddy recently spoke with The Star-Ledger in the run-up to tomorrow's show for an interview and also had some comments on the nomination:

... Rush finally earned a nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - prompting some zealots to suggest that the long-snubbed trio should tell the selection committee to take a hike. "That's not very Canadian," says Lee, laughing. "It's an honor, and any time somebody wants to honor you, you should be gracious. But it's never been something that's been super-important to us. Awards are outside of you. We're aware that it means so much to the fans, and since it does, it has to mean something to me. I almost feel like they're vindicated more than we are. "It's hard to put into words what it means to us that our fans have been so passionate. It makes us want to play all the better. They've invested so much - we try very hard to make the shows worth it for them." ...

Geddy also talks a bit about the Clockwork Angels album, the tour and the tight friendship he has with his bandmates. You can read the entire interview at this location.

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#16 - Posted 10/20/12 @11:31AM by kjbird [contact]

I agree with you Lisa on a medley of sorts for a possible R40. There are certain songs that i think should be purely instrumental. Case in point; Circumstances on the S&A tour. I love that song, but didn't dig it as much hearing it in such a dramatically lower key (again, these are my ears so not wanting to debate this issue-Hold your Fire). It's one thing to tweek 2112 a bit, even Passage to Bangkok (which back in 2008 live still sounded SOOOOOOO awesome from the DVD). I RARELY say anything even remotely negative regarding the music.
#15 - Posted 10/20/12 @10:46AM by lisah [contact]

I would love to hear some COS live before they hang it up for good. If Ged doesn't want to do the vocals , for obvious reasons, they could play an instrumental medley, similar to the opening instrumental medley that they played on R30. I think the fans would go crazy. I know I would. Talk about bringing tears to this Rush Chicks eyes! I really think it would be kick ass, the music, alone, is killer stuff. Truth be told, I would never be disappointed with mostly anything these boys could do, I would pay money to see them just stand up on stage and look hot for three hours. When they add music and lyrics to all that, it just makes it that much better..IMO.
#14 - Posted 10/19/12 @2:47PM by SideStageConductor [contact]

Caress of Steel was for a long time my favorite album. Bastille Day was the first Rush song I learned on the drums. In high school we had to break down lyrics for a History Class and I broke down 'I Think I Going Bald'. The class had to listen to the song and then hear me discuss it. I'm sure that most in the class didn't get into it, or get it, but I really didn't give a f'ck ... and really didn't care if the teacher didn't get it. He actually commented something about Neil Young and how much drugs that he had done ... not sure why he commented about that ... didn't care. My best friends favorite song was Lakeside Park.

How killer would The Necromancer be live. Alex Lifeson absolutely shreds the guitar in that one. And in my opinion some of the best singing Geddy ever did was on that record. Especially some of the Fountain of Lamneth pieces. Just inspired me to put it on ... "Look at me. I am young. Sight unseen. Life Unsung". ... then skip ahead and listen to his incredible voice in the No One At the Bridge". I read an article where Geddy said that they sounded like they were very high when they wrote that album. And he did call it the "Down the Tubes" tour ... however there is musical genius all over COS. I doubt I would have been so overwhelmingly impressed by this band if they had never released COS. Cheers to Carees of Steel - Draw Another Goblet from the Cask of 43'
#13 - Posted 10/19/12 @11:48AM by lisah [contact]

#9, I totally agree. In fact, I would probably kill to be able to hear them play COS in concert. Dow the tubes tour here I come. Every time I watch 'Beyond the Lighted Stage,I get all giddy(or is that Geddy), just seeing that grainy concert footage from that tour. As Ray Danniels said,"magic pure magic
'That says it all!
#12 - Posted 10/19/12 @11:35AM by Xaromir [contact]

Greatly put, very diplomatically solved. Reminds me why i idolize them.
#11 - Posted 10/19/12 @11:21AM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

Totally agree #4, nicely worded, but I think Geddy & company may be surprised if a poll was taken as to how much it really does mean to the fans.

I will support the vote now that they are on the ballot, and they will not fail to win on my account, but I really couldn't give a rats a$$ if they never did get nominated in the first place, because to me the R&RHOF represents everything that is NOT what Rock is about.
#10 - Posted 10/19/12 @11:20AM by kjbird [contact]

ooops, i'm not done. To be clear, i am soooo loving the setlist. I'm also very pleasantly surprised, in a way, with how much i am truly enjoying listening to these more obscure (from my library, anyway)songs and i do attribute my renewed joy to seeing these songs live on this tour.
#9 - Posted 10/19/12 @11:16AM by kjbird [contact]

I gotta say, rushchicks do rock ;)

I not only like to read their commentary, but I love listening to their interviews where they just ROLL - all 3 of them. They really can get to the guts of the topic on hand when they are allowed by the interviewer to just go off road. It's so enjoyable.

On a different topic, if i may go off road myself, i was listening to Grand Designs this morning and i had an epiphany. Some fans have shown their disappointment with the deep cuts being played on this tour. Some have referred back to words Rush has stated in the about going too far in one direction with PoW and Hold your Fire. I also thought of Caress of Steel and how that album and the "down the tubes" tour was not well received. But hindsight gives immense perspective. It also gives appreciation when you look at someones work as a whole instead of piecing it out. This tour made me dive once again into those 80's albums because they were not on my regular rotation. When you see how the band has revitalized these songs on stage with this tour, i am digging them now so much more than i EVER did in the past. To me, that's genuis on their part. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall as they were designing this setlist (and i'm not making a resurgence of the setlist debate, just sharing my thoughts). "These songs may not be popular, and may be pissing off a lot of fans, but hell we never gave them a fair shot when they first came out - let's bring them back to life while we still can, on stage." I don't see anyone putting Alex in a corner when these songs were played in Indy to be replaced by synths. Makes me even more excited to see them again in 9 days.
#8 - Posted 10/19/12 @10:46AM by lisah [contact]

You hit the nail on the head kj. Geddy Lee is an eloquent, humble, MUSICAL GENIUS! He is also one Hell of a human being. That is what comes through in the bands music. I , for one, am proud to be a rush chick. Love The Ged!!
#7 - Posted 10/19/12 @10:31AM by snowdog20 [contact]

Good post kjbird. Thanks for that.

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