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Alex Lifeson on Rush's Rock Hall nomination in new interview
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Rush and the Rock HallIn the lead up to Rush's upcoming show at the Prudential Center in Newark this Saturday, The Record spoke with Alex Lifeson via phone for an interview to discuss the Clockwork Angels album, the tour and Rush's recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination:

... "I'm really happy for the Rush fans who feel that it is really important, and I hope we're inducted for their sake," guitarist Alex Lifeson said by phone from a tour stop in Philadelphia. The band plays Saturday in Newark. "Personally it never really mattered to me, but at the same time it's nice to be nominated." Lifeson said induction into the Rock Hall in Cleveland would not compare to the band's having received one of the prestigious Governor General's Performing Arts Awards for Lifetime Artistic Achievement in March, the highest honor bestowed on artists by the Canadian government. "The acknowledgement we got from the Canadian government, and by extension Canadians, is very dear to us," Lifeson said. "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is more a popularity contest." ...

This is the first interview where a band member has commented on the nomination. You can read the entire article at this location. On a related note, Beverly RushGirl Wintjes recently appeared on PRI's The World in the run-up to this past weekend's RushCon in Toronto to discuss Rush's nomination from a fan's perspective. You can listen to the interview online at this location. For complete coverage on Rush's Rock Hall nomination check out this post.

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#34 - Posted 10/19/12 @11:12PM by How f---ing cool is Geddy Lee. [contact]

#33 - Heavens, no!!! I wish. Love that site.

A guy named Eric in Denver does Power Windows, which I found in like 1997, and obsessed over that site for a few years. Then in late 2006, I found this place via a bumper sticker in the local supermarket parking lot. It was Ed's.
#33 - Posted 10/19/12 @5:07PM by kjbird [contact]

#31 - your contact link to Power Windows site - is that yours?
#32 - Posted 10/19/12 @5:05PM by kjbird [contact]

#31 - no kidding! I'm 43 yrs young, graduated hs in '87, college in '91. Crazy how time flies. I'm assuming, of course, you'll be at the Cleveland show? My brother and I will be there, we go to all our concerts together (as he is a huge fan as well, actually got me hooked back in the day).

Our compass roses are riding that razors edge - haha. Catch your drift. See, you can relate to my New England sarcasm ;)
#31 - Posted 10/19/12 @4:55PM by How f---ing cool is Geddy Lee. [contact]

#27 & 28 - You and I have a lot in common (not that we even needed a truce to begin with, IMO). Both New Englanders transplanted to OH. And based on something you said on a different thread (or string??), we may actually be fairly close in age, too. If you got the nickname in college, then I'm only a few years your senior.

Small world. Maybe we'd have actually run into one another in a parallel steampunk universe.


P.S. My language will stay in the northern region, if I get your drift.
#30 - Posted 10/19/12 @4:16PM by kjbird [contact]

#29 - no, not at all. I'm not a chick that is easily offended (just ask my husband); i just get even ;) Seriously, i was kidding around. Tones and verbal inflectons can only be read through LOL's, smiley faces and winks ;) I'm still trying to figure out textual equivalents for certain nonverbals (haha). I love the fact that everyone can just share their opinions very openly and even when things get heated, it's not taken personally by anyone. At least, that's how i perceive it. Rush fans are awesome!
#29 - Posted 10/19/12 @4:04PM by SideStageConductor [contact]

#28 - not trying to be sexist in the least. And I think that you are in safe company here on this site. And I don't think there a Rush fan out there that is not afraid to go toe-to-toe. Just giving you and all the other ladies props for having great taste ... as you would if men were perceived as a minority when it comes to Rush fans. Institutions like the RRHOF and Rolling Stone think that they set the standard for cool, and they want to believe and project that, but as Rush and all of their fans have proven ... we don't need anyone to tell us what is ok to like and in this case what music should be. I wouldn't give anything to be someone like Jann Wenner. He may have some kind of musical empire with money and prestige but he must feel sorely lacking in something to be the way he is. Whether he is just another one of the music insiders that only care about marketing some kind of fashion, or if he is just a jealous control freak with little talent of his own (which is my guess) I would not want his life. I enjoy my life and love the music of Rush - and don't care what backlash these Syncophants (as another so aply put) and their groveling groupies try to dish out. So with that I say to my brothers and sisters: Rock On Rush Fans!
#28 - Posted 10/19/12 @3:10PM by kjbird [contact]

....and you can call me a girl, young woman, chick - whatever. We're all Rush fans here and like to have friendly, sometimes heated, conversation. Just watch out though, if the language towards the female gender starts to slides southward i WILL open up a fresh can of verbal whoop-ass in the direction of said perpetraitor. To which, i would be banned from the site. And nobody wants that:)
#27 - Posted 10/19/12 @3:05PM by kjbird [contact]

#26 - first, i have to say yes, Geddy is f------- cool. Second, haha, no i'm not a brit i'm in sw Ohio just north of Cincinnati. I was a Vermonter till college then transplanted myself here. "Bird" is a nickname i've had for the past 23 years (long story, not to go into on a blog). Sounds like we've made peace,eh?
#26 - Posted 10/19/12 @2:33PM by How f---ing cool is Geddy Lee. [contact]

#23 - Agreed on Ged's article.

#24 - LOL. Are you a Brit? "Bird" is slang for girl, or young woman, if you prefer. ;)
#25 - Posted 10/19/12 @11:53AM by SideStageConductor [contact]

#21 - yes thats it for sure ... as related to #11 and #20

#24 - kjbird ... Rush chicks Rock! Rock On!

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