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[NEWS, WEATHER, and SPORTS: October, 2012 - The Better Angels]

Neil PeartNeil Peart has taken advantage of the band's 10-day break in the tour and updated the news page on his website this evening with a story titled The Better Angels. Neil discusses his motorcycle travels between tour stops from the first leg of the Clockwork Angels tour intermingled with bits of philosophical musings. He also talks a little about the tour itself towards the end of the essay:

... Just before band rehearsals I wrote a piece for Drum Workshop's Edge magazine about my long preparations, physically and musically, and each of us brought that dedication to the rehearsal hall from the beginning. Over the course of many months, we built up the most musically adventurous and visually "active" show we have ever presented. Deciding to do two different shows on alternate nights, with a number of songs changing, and even a few "one-off" songs for special occasions, has been uplifting for us. Perhaps most uplifting of all has been adding "guest musicians" to our show for the first time in our lengthy career. Having the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble join us makes the second set really special. The eight string players were chosen by arranger David Campbell, who wrote the scores for the Clockwork Angels album as well as for a number of older songs in the set. ...

It's a long update, spanning 2 pages but well worth the read. Be warned however that there are a few tour spoilers towards the end of the essay. There's no mention of the band's Rock Hall nomination either, so Neil likely wrote the piece prior to the announcement or didn't care to comment. You can read the whole thing at this location.



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#40 - Posted 10/16/12 @10:27AM by jeweloutofreach

# 38 No
#39 - Posted 10/16/12 @6:53AM by deslock [contact]

#36 Did you read Pinker's book, "The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined"?

Regarding your argument that atheist regimes kill more than religious zealots, the trends you point out have more to do with killing being more widespread because (1) there are more people and (2) technology has made killing more efficient.

Very few kill in the name of atheism, while many have killed in the name of religion. On the other hand, it's also fair to say that people who kill in the name of religion very well could've been brainwashed into killing for non-religious reasons. Evil is evil.

Putting it another way, I read this quote recently: "The question is actually a bit nonsensical. It's like asking, What causes more car accidents, driving drunk or driving *not* drunk?"
#38 - Posted 10/15/12 @10:08PM by bassman4001 [contact]

#37 So wait, does what Neil wrote bother you?
#37 - Posted 10/15/12 @1:37PM by jeweloutofreach

#35 I find it hard to believe that reading a billboard or a bumber sticker would compel an artist like NP to express his religious contempt on the last two studio albums and within multiple books and blog postings. Actually, it would appear to be quite immature for him to be "having fun" with attacking people for their beliefs especially with so much work and so many other things to do on the free and open roads. Somehow Neil feels the need to report on something that is annoying to him? Makes no sense but at 60 years old- here he is having a "fun time". Quite odd for a man to have an agenda of this magnitude for something he has no belief in...
#36 - Posted 10/15/12 @1:21PM by mazmania [contact]

I will not comment on Neal being a "faith-basher". Plenty has already been said about it. However, I find it remarkable that a learned man such as Neal and ultimately Steven Pinker have completely twisted the last century of "our better angels". The 20th century was one of the bloodiest centuries recorded in human history. Not at the hands of religious zealots, but at the hands of communist and athiest regimes! Ever hear of Pol Pot, Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung? I would even include Adolf Hitler in that regard who was heavily influenced by the writings of Nietzsche. These people were singularly responsible for the slaughter of MILLIONS of their own people in the name of their causes. It is mind boggling to leave that bit of information out but when you push a certain agenda, I guess you can ignore certain facts.
#35 - Posted 10/15/12 @11:37AM by bassman4001 [contact]

#33 Because people who shove their beliefs in your face are annoying. That, and it's fun to piss them off.
#34 - Posted 10/15/12 @9:59AM by deslock [contact]

#28 wrote "Two consecutive albums with a faith-bashing theme, long-winded entires in his books, and nearly every blog post."

Given that religion is so often evangelized in many parts of this country, it's not surprising that he continues to write about it.

#28 wrote "every atheist secretly wishes there actually is a God"

Thanks for the laugh.
#33 - Posted 10/15/12 @8:59AM by jeweloutofreach

#30- Why do you think Neil continues to rail on and on about "religion" when he has expressed his opinion multiple times?
#32 - Posted 10/15/12 @8:39AM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

This subject is near & dear to my heart, because I grew up a severe Catholic, & now am quite appalled by religion in general. One only has to look @ the Taliban/schoolgirl thing to see it creates & lives in a world gone mad.
What Neil (& I) generally have a problem with is the *arrogance*. Wait, some people back in the day (when most were ignorant) said "God" said *this*?!. & now we're all to obey what this ignorant person quoting "God" believes about the nature of reality? The fact is religion is ancient man, "thinking as god" & "quoting god", & now people are parroting this---& if you don't believe the silly parrot, "YOU DO NOT KNOW GOD".
I have two things I generally like to say regarding all this---"religion is simply an ancient operating system"...& to me, the mind-switched-off nature of religion is ANTI-god in a lot of ways...because no matter what you believe, you were given intelligence to figure out the existence & The Universe---& the minute you disobey your one survival me, THEN you're disobeying God...
#31 - Posted 10/15/12 @8:12AM by jeweloutofreach

#21 Thanks for the advice

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