Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Neil Peart's Taking Center Stage instructional DVD book companion now available
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Last month Hudson Music announced the release of a full-color retrospective/transcription book companion to Neil Peart's third instructional DVD Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance. The book is written by Hudson Music Senior Drum Editor Joe Bergamini with a foreword by Neil Peart. Although the official release date is given as October 15th, the book is already available for purchase via Amazon and other retailers. The book contains musical transcriptions, historical writing, instructional text, and a beautiful collection of photographs. You can check out a pdf sampler of the book here and a high-res version of the cover here. In celebration of the book's release both Eric at Power Windows and John at have teamed up with Hudson Music and are running separate contests where you could win a variety of items autographed by Neil Peart including a Bubba's coffe mug, a copy of Far & Away, a Taking Center Stage dvd or an Anatomy of a Drum Solo poster. All you need to do is submit your entry and answer 3 trivia questions. For all the details and to enter the contest go here, and for the Power Windows contest go here. Make sure to enter both contests! The entry deadline is October 15th and the winners will be chosen on October 16th.



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#8 - Posted 10/4/12 @2:29AM by wolve56 [contact]

I think they should decline admission based on general principles. Rush doesn't need the hall to acknowledge their greatness. They only got nominated because the asshole admission board, who by the way has managing editor Jann Wenner, foundation director Suzan Evans, and writer Dave Marsh of Rolling Stone Magazine, (remember they said geeky Rush would never make it as a rock band, and almost killed the band financially). They treat the hall as their own private mutual admiration society, reflecting their personal tastes rather than the views of the rock world as a whole. But they have come under recent pressure due to the latest Rash of Rush related material in recent times, including their recent documentary, Rush, Beyond the Lighted Stage, which received rave reviews. Which is the only reason they are being nominated now. They are now considered a viable, commercial commodity now according to their fucked up requirements. Only when and if they remove Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Ray Orbison, Madonna, and ABBA from the hall, and induct the bands Yes, Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Heart, Pat Benatar, and many others, will I then recognize it as the HALL OF SHAME. But, being all around nice guys and good people, the band will go along with the sham. But if you knew them personally, I bet they would be saying the same things I've mentioned. The hall idiots are a bunch of glad handing yes men that haven't got a clue. Rant over.
#7 - Posted 10/3/12 @8:23PM by Buskerdu [contact]

I've already sent my wife the amazon link as a holiday hint-hint...

Better than socks any day!

11-days until my first show of the tour...tick-tick...
#6 - Posted 10/3/12 @11:13AM by jaeger [contact]

#5 - Posted 10/3/12 @9:04AM by Son of a Mitch [contact]

As a drummer this is tempting to get. But also, I'm a I'm poor.
#4 - Posted 10/3/12 @7:55AM by brindle11 [contact]

#3 no im not just love everything peart and rush of course !

+ your right and you too Liver
#3 - Posted 10/3/12 @7:26AM by Liverpool 78

#2 - are you a drummer? is that why you'r buying this instructional transcription?

Denny Crane isn't sad, he's just joining in with the game that quite a few others play.

Don't worry about it and have a nice day :-)

#2 - Posted 10/3/12 @6:54AM by brindle11 [contact]


book looks great will be sure to order this
#1 - Posted 10/2/12 @8:21PM by Denny Crane [contact]


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