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Rush Clockwork Angels tour St. Louis open thread
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UPDATE - 9/24@3:44PM: Here's a review and photo gallery from

UPDATE - 9/24@12:16PM: Here's a great gallery of photos posted over at

UPDATE - 9/23@2:38PM: Here's a review from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

UPDATE - 9/23@8:54AM: Official photos from the show are posted at

UPDATE - 9/23@8:47AM: Reports from last night's show indicate that the Night B setlist was played with one exception. They changed out the last song of the second set, playing the same second set closer from the Night A setlist. You can view the complete setlist here (*SPOILERS*).

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush takes the Clockwork Angels tour to St. Louis tonight to play the Scottrade Center. The band is due to play their Night B setlist - the same that was played in Detroit (*SPOILERS*) last week. If there are any deviations from this setlist I'll be sure to post them here. Reader Larry M let me know that there's some major highway construction going on around St. Louis that may cause some trouble for concertgoers coming to St. Louis from Illinois. For all the details check out this article. For everyone going to the show - have fun, stay safe and be sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. Rush on!!

Date/Time: Saturday, September 22nd @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 8
Venue: Scottrade Center
Place: St. Louis, MO

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#75 - Posted 9/28/12 @5:07PM by Lerxyst [contact]

#74 - I also noticed things being a bit "off" at the beginning of Headlong FLight.

-Personally, I love Dreamline and really missed when it was skipped on the Time Machine tour. My own band have been playing Dreamline for the last couple years, so it was great to hear the boys play it again. That said, I love deep cuts too and really enjoyed this show's setlist. I would've preferred to hear Bravado instead of the Pass...

-There were two actually types of merch stations at this venue, the little one like you saw with only a couple of shirts and the poster, and the big one with many shirts, hoodie, motorcycle jacket, and a glass counter with the picks, buttons and whatnot.
#74 - Posted 9/26/12 @10:34PM by idrum2 [contact]

Did anyone else notice that Headlong Flight at this show was slightly off. Neil and Alex didn't exactly come in at the same time. They were like a beat off or something. They managed to recover, but the rest off the song seemed kinda shaky throughout. Kinda bummed about that. That my favorite off of Clockwork Angles.

Otherwise, solid show. Loved Grand Designs, Middletown Dreams, and Territories! I also agree with an earlier comment though, Dreamline is no replacement for Manhattan Project. It must be deep cut for deep cut. Dreamline is good, but a bit overplayed throughout the last tours IMO.

And what was up with the serious lack of merch at this show? There was only like two shirts and a poster?!
#73 - Posted 9/26/12 @1:35PM by Lerxyst [contact]

I was in the 4th row on Geddy's side, and he was absolutely playing a baby blue bass at one point. I don't recall now which songs it was on, but I definitely noticed it...
#72 - Posted 9/25/12 @10:12PM by kjbird [contact]

#71 - perhaps the glow of the floating globes atop Chronos Square impeded your vision momentarily......
#71 - Posted 9/25/12 @6:41AM by tjshrout [contact]

Anyone else see Geddy playing a baby blue bass? I had not seen it before and can find no mention of it anywhere..perhaps I was so elated to be there I was seeing things????
#70 - Posted 9/24/12 @4:43PM by bucklemyshoe [contact]

#67 - That is one f*king evil, scary picture, especially with Red Sector A running through you head.
#69 - Posted 9/24/12 @2:16PM by csmcgdycrn [contact]

Saw Rush in St. Louis Saturday night (9-22-12) for number sixteen, and as always I was completely blown away. The set-list was perfect and they nailed it for three+ hours. Thanks Alex, Neil and Geddy and hope to see you again sometime soon!
#68 - Posted 9/24/12 @11:53AM by breakingpoint [contact]

I got my fix to see the show as soon as they went on sale. It was going to be just my daughter and I being that she is infected with the Rush virus from me. Her first show was in April in Nashville. So we drove from Memphis and things came together last week to where. My wife, 8 year old son, myself and my 12 year old daughter saw the show. A family outing that was the great! Getting to the show...We were sitting in the perfect area to where the sound was great! Some friends saw Roger Waters at close range and said the sound from there wasn't near as good as about eye level. I could have used more of Geddy but being that he uses such light gauge strings there isn't a whole lot more that front house guy can do. Yes, even the best have unsolvable issues. In my opinion most all the setlist was good. I would have liked to hear the night A set for Bravado and Manhattan Project but not too picky. The other negative...3 hours...not long enough! Ha! Come back to Nashville if you guys don't come back to Memphis. (since '92) Geddy for president even if a Canadian!
#67 - Posted 9/24/12 @11:18AM by jaeger [contact]

Red Sector A, for real: link
#66 - Posted 9/24/12 @10:52AM by Cheryl [contact]

My husband and I drove 6 hours for this show and it was FABULOUS! I enjoyed the old and the new, with the new exceeding my expectations. We have seen Rush numerous times since the 70's and they never disappoint, I am so happy they are still churning their creative juices after all these years! They definately deserve more recognition and Clockwork Angels deserves many awards!

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