Friday, September 21, 2012

New Volkswagen Passat commercial featuring Rush's Fly By Night
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Volkswagen recently released a new commercial for the 2012 Passat which features a man stopped at a traffic light in a Passat rocking out to Rush's Fly By Night. You can check it out below or on YouTube at this link (thanks RushFanForever).



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#70 - Posted 11/26/12 @12:37AM by secondsong [contact]

6/5/2008: "On the 25th anniversary of U2's historic concert in the rain and fog of Red Rocks, the sold-out Rush concert scheduled for tonight has been postponed -- because of severe weather conditions."
...which I experienced first-hand, having chosen to fly from my home in MA to attend the show in one of the most beautiful venues on the planet. And though we were staying out in CO for a few days, it was certainly not long enough to partake in the re-scheduled date at that time (some 3 wks later)...
BUT...I (faithfully) made the pilgrimage back for the 8/17/2010 show and was rewarded with (aside from an astoundingly beautiful show) a t-shirt flung from Alex's hot little hands onstage up & directly into my waiting hands in the crowd, so all was forgiven (not that it wouldn't have been anyhow.)

As regards the WV commercial...I'm not as bothered by the "commercialism" factor as I was (immediately) by what I consider the horrible irony of the actual business entity to which the music has been leant.

"The Volkswagen, which means "people's car" in German, was essentially a political promise [by the Chancellor...who's name I choose not to explicitly state] to win the public's goodwill."

That anything about the linkage of this music with this company could be "ok" to the Weinrib family eludes my mind. That my post is several pages deep on this thread & yet I seem to be the first to raise this specific point, equally ellusive & frankly, troubling. I've not seen/heard anything about GL commenting on this specifically, but would be quite interested to hear same.
#69 - Posted 10/7/12 @11:00AM by Sub-Xanadu Man [contact]

I've always hated the sell out argument. Why shouldn't artists license their music to whomever and whatever they want. "Selling out" doesn't change the music you know and love.

This commercial is AWESOME and really is kind of a love letter to Rush fans everywhere.
#68 - Posted 10/1/12 @2:21PM by skydash [contact]

I caught this commercial yesterday for the first time.Being a drummer myself,I was critiquing the driver's mimicking of Neil's playing(not too shabby),when at the end of a run,he"flips"an air drumstick just like Peart does.It caught me so off guard that I blew coke right out of my nose.That had to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen.Bravo.
#67 - Posted 9/30/12 @2:57PM by DaveHall [contact]

Just saw it for the first time..... Love it!
#66 - Posted 9/30/12 @9:17AM by jnobledagget [contact]

Hey, 10 bucks is 10 bucks. Clearly this was a tribute to Rush.
#65 - Posted 9/27/12 @4:58PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Does it have HD FM / AM radio btw ? This is just cool as had VW 9 years and after that Opel ;)
#64 - Posted 9/26/12 @6:26AM by liquidmuse3 [contact]

Negative. Nancies. Debbie Downers. The hell is wrong with some of you people? This is clearly a TRIBUTE. This band is so cool (& good) that 1)they figure the die-hards will LOVE it, especially the touching/accurate depiction of rocking the air drums 2)they figure if some 12 or 20 year old hasn't run into Rush in their young life, maybe this commercial inspires them to. Guess what---"The Spirit of Radio" died about 81, & truly died for good 5-10 years ago. Now that Rock Band the video game has died...THERE IS NO REAL SUCH THING AS SELLING OUT, because there's barely any exposure for new OR old music. The producers of this ad are clearly fans, clearly Rush doesn't need the money, & if this ad ruins your version of the song, I'm sorry, *you're a susceptible idiot*, because a brand name overcame a song feeling for u. I have ZERO IDEA what car they were selling...but just like the mouse/baby tv ad from last year, Rush as an accepted part of the mainstream does nothing but lift all boats (a *gangster* of boats! ;o). How sad is your existence if you can't see that?
#63 - Posted 9/25/12 @8:53AM by kcraiglowe [contact]

Just saw the advert last night. Took a few seconds to realize what I was hearing. Not sure why they used FBN and not Working Man? Maybe cause it was John and not Neil on drums. I guess it's ok for them to allow their songs to be used every once in a while. As long as they don't turn into The Who and have a whole TV series franchize built around their stuff.
#62 - Posted 9/24/12 @11:15AM by jaeger [contact]

#55 Hmmm, somehow I don't think they were going for the "your new VW will drive you over the edge" thing...
#61 - Posted 9/24/12 @11:14AM by jaeger [contact]

Destroy your TV. :)

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