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Interview with Clockwork Angels String Ensemble member Adele Stein
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UPDATE - 9/13@9:36AM: Here's some more background on Stein from a 2010 article in the same publication (thanks RushFanForever).

Adele SteinThe Salina Journal posted an interview (*SPOILERS*) with Clockwork Angels String Ensemble member Adele Stein this morning. Stein is a 25-year-old cellist from Phoenix who is one of the 8 string musicians - 6 violinists and 2 cellist - that are accompanying Rush on the Clockwork Angels tour. The article gives several new insights regarding the string section:

... "It's really an incredible experience," she said. "We sit behind the band on a riser. People will be able to see us very clearly." ... guitarist Alex Lifeson, drummer/lyricist Neal Peart and vocalist/bass player Geddy Lee are "the sweetest men you can possibly imagine."

Stein first met the band after she arrived in Toronto on Aug. 26 for pre-tour rehearsals. She said the string players did a rendition of "Happy Birthday" for Lifeson, whose birthday fell during the early days of rehearsals. Stein said she walked past Lifeson and wished him happy birthday, and he thanked her by name.

"Some people I've worked with who are famous, like, they don't take the time to get to know your name," she said. "They (Rush members) are so humble and do not act famous at all."

Before the tour started, Stein had been concerned about how the loud music on stage might affect her sensitive ears. However, she was soon contacted by an audiologist, who took impressions of her ears and prepared custom-made headphones in which she can control the volume of the sound mix.

She said she had listened to a few of the new songs off the recently released album before arriving to rehearse, but at the first rehearsal the musicians all listened to the music together before playing it. ...

You can read the entire article here (*SPOILERS*).



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#22 - Posted 9/16/12 @8:32PM by jim1061 [contact]

It is great to see variations from evening to evening. There seem to be one, two or three song differences but I like that. I am definitely one to anxiously await the spoilers lists for each tour. I am simply not the type that wants to remain in the dark about what they will play. In fact, before each RUSH tour that I have a ticket for (which is pretty much every one) I do an iTunes playlist on my iTouch that mirrors the RUSH show I am about to see. I get psyched up to see the songs on the list and enjoy listening to them as the show draws near. To each his own I suppose.

As for this tour, personally, I would prefer the combination of "The Body Electric" and "Bravado" over "Middletown Dreams" and "The Pass" but as the lists are lined up I will not get my preference on Oct 20 in NJ. In no way will I be disappointed but seeing Bravado and TBE would make the show an A++ as opposed to an A+. Anyway, my point is this, I like to see some changes from one night to another. RUSH members have said they basically prepare a 4 hour show throughout their rehearsal period and cut it down to 3 hours once they go on the road. That leaving one full hour of music would offer some options and variations when they wish to do so. Most of the their tours they do not change the list much which makes this one more unique and even better. The fact that the new album is very good at the very least and absolutely fantastic at the most (I lean toward fantastic) makes the show setlists great regardless. I must say that omitting BOTH Spirit of Radio AND Limelight is a mistake in my opinion. I could see those two live for 200 straight shows and never grow tired of them. They both qualify as top 20 or 30 greatest live tunes by any rock band and therefore belong in every show. If they feel the need to omit one of the "big" ones, Tom Sawyer is without a doubt a better choice than the other two. That one I would miss a lot less.

In closing, I can only say that as a 30 year fan of RUSH, my dedication to the band only grows with each new album and show. Some may disagree but I think Clockwork Angels is arguably one of their five best of all time. There is absolutely no disputing its place in the top ten but I personally place it at number 5.

Regardless, there is no disputing three simple words....
#21 - Posted 9/14/12 @12:23AM by CheeseCorn [contact]

#20 Marty - Cool! I'll be dragging, err, bringing along my son and his friend.
#20 - Posted 9/13/12 @12:55PM by marty from clayton [contact]

#13 CheeseCorn - Yup! I'm going to the Minneapolis show with two daughters and a son (and an elf who wanted to be a dentist).
#19 - Posted 9/13/12 @12:43PM by Emotion Defector [contact]

#18 - "I would kill to hear some of the 80's stuff with strings. Anyway, bummed they only went halfway with this idea."

You mean they aren't doing this? I have only glanced past the set lists and I have no idea which songs they added strings to, but a few synth-heavy PW or GuP songs seem pretty perfect for live strings. Oh, well, like I said, the set is what it is (and whatever). Still looking forward to Seattle.

And #15 - Really? I think it's great that people like her should be recognized, even if it is only her home-town paper. I'm kind of surprised more people don't agree, since it's an interesting vicarious situation. What musician doesn't want to picture themselves getting chosen to tour with Rush, then get to stand right behind the band during the show? Even though she's not a big fan or anything, still, what an experience.
#18 - Posted 9/13/12 @9:22AM by DiceHill2112 [contact]

Emotion Defector: you are a genius! We need more posters like you here! I sincerely mean that. I think they dropped the ball in regards to the string section. They should've worked them into some Rush classics and make them new/fresh again. I would kill to hear some of the 80's stuff with strings. Anyway, bummed they only went halfway with this idea.
#17 - Posted 9/13/12 @8:33AM by RushFanForever [contact]

Here's an older article on Adele Stein from the same publication below:

#16 - Posted 9/13/12 @12:29AM by CheeseCorn [contact]

#14 - That's where the Cheese comes from - born and raised in America's Dairyland! Have since moved to Nebraska (hence the Corn). :)
#15 - Posted 9/12/12 @11:08PM by bensommer [contact]

Now this is inside geekishness. An interview with the cellist. Who plays backup. On the live tour.

Where are the roadie's grandmother's interviews at?
#14 - Posted 9/12/12 @8:38PM by hermy [contact] must be from Wisconsin like myself.
#13 - Posted 9/12/12 @6:57PM by CheeseCorn [contact]

You know, it's articles like this that are going to make the next 12 days take even longer!

#3 Marty - Are you going to be at the Minneapolis show, too?

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