Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rush Clockwork Angels tour Pittsburgh open thread
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UPDATE - 9/13@1:21PM: Here's a preview article from that was posted a couple days prior to the show. It contains some interesting historical tidbits about the first couple of times that Rush ever played Pittsburgh.

UPDATE - 9/13@9:05AM: Here's a great gallery of photos posted over at

UPDATE - 9/12@5:27PM: Here's a review from

UPDATE - 9/12@9:39AM: Here's a review from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

UPDATE - 9/12@8:16AM: Reports from last night indicate that setlist A was played with a couple exceptions. Two of the songs from the B setlist were played, replacing two songs - otherwise it was setlist A. For the full setlist click here (*SPOILERS*).

UPDATE - 9/12@8:03AM: Official photos from the show are now posted at

UPDATE - 9/11@9:25PM: Reader rushriot is at the show and reports in the comments that Geddy dedicated a song to the memory of 9/11. Check the comments for the exact song that was dedicated.

UPDATE - 9/11@8:12PM: Reports from the show are confirming setlist A as we had anticipated. If anything changes I will post it here.

Rush Clockwork Angels 2012 tourRush takes the Clockwork Angels tour machine north to the Steel City of Pittsburgh to play the CONSOL Energy Center tonight. Reader Denny Crane sent in this photo of the Rush trucks and buses setting up outside the venue, so it looks like Rush has thankfully arrived in one piece! Assuming the band will be alternating between their A and B setlists from show to show, they will likely be playing their A setlist tonight. I'll be sure to post confirmation of this as I hear it to this thread, so stay tuned. For everyone going tonight, have fun, be safe and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us. Rush on!!!

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 11th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 3
Venue: CONSOL Energy Center
Place: Pittsburgh, PA

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews] [setlist]



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#91 - Posted 1/20/13 @9:13AM by vitalsigns318 [contact]

This is a review that I wrote with my fiance, David, about the Rush Clockwork Angels Pittsburgh September 11, 2012 show in Pittsburgh.

#90 - Posted 9/15/12 @12:09PM by 1 of the 7 [contact]

So thrilled that my sign got mentioned in the review! It was great to be part of the Happy Birthday Neil chorus as well :)
#89 - Posted 9/13/12 @11:56AM by Karva73 [contact]

This was my first Rush concert and it didn't disappoint. Great set list! I avoided spoilers and was shocked when they played stuff like Grand Designs and the Body Electric. I was thrilled. The highlight of the show was the performance of Headlong Flight. Geddy really hit it out the park during that song. Alex was in the zone during the entire concert. Unforunately the crowd seemed dead. I guess they didn't know most of the songs.
#88 - Posted 9/13/12 @8:59AM by Jag2112 [contact]

Click this link for a nice photo gallery from the Pittsburgh show - taken from the third row / center.

#87 - Posted 9/12/12 @6:35PM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

Saw the post that someone said it was full. Well, it was ... except for all the seats in the upper bowl that they curtained off. That probably cost them 5000-6000 seats, and all those seats were sold out for the Time Machine tour 2 years ago. That was kind of a bummer, especially in comparison to the Time Machine show.

Territories was definitely the weak song of the night. It's funny, I remember thinking the same thing when I went to the Power Windows tour all those years ago. The Body Electric also dragged a bit, but I still loved hearing it.

YYZ with strings ... who knew?!? The strings are completely phenomenal, BTW. Rasberries to those who originally poo-poohed the strings out of hand.

Highlights for me: The Big Money ... Red Sector A (shockingly good) ... Clockwork Angels ... The Garden

Three nitpicky things: There was some weird electrical noise that popped up between almost every song. I think it was a guitar-switching noise. There's no way I was the only one who heard it. The bass was way too low on The Wreckers. And oh ... what the hell was the problem with the people in the stands? They sat almost the entire show! Pansies!

All in all, not as good as the Time Machine tour, probably on par with T4E (which I thought was a great tour, even though the album wasn't their best), maybe a hair ahead of S&A.
#86 - Posted 9/12/12 @4:02PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

LOVE reading all of your posts as they are getting me, even more, ramped up! Looking forward to Seattle!

#85 - Posted 9/12/12 @1:28PM by bobthegoalie [contact]

Ive been to a lot of RUSH shows, and,.... I gotta say,......This was absolutely one of the best.....ever.
#84 - Posted 9/12/12 @10:30AM by Son of a Mitch [contact]

82, check the newest blog post!

83, Attendance looked full. Something happened with with row in front of me as there were two couples that were trying to share one seat each. Both couples looked like they were not enjoying the show at all and kept coming and going. Why spend so much if you're either going to just sit on floor level or just look around at the crowd instead of some of the greatest musicians on earth?
#83 - Posted 9/12/12 @9:57AM by duss

What about yesterday' attendance?
#82 - Posted 9/12/12 @9:52AM by Earthshine [contact]

Wouldn't mind hearing an interview with one of the string section artists on what its like to share a stage with Rush.

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