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Rush feature in the UK's The Sun newspaper
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Rush is featured in today's edition of UK newspaper The Sun for an article titled Rush: We've found a groove ... It's only taken 38 years. The article showcases the band's new Clockwork Angels album, declaring it the band's finest since the classic Moving Pictures in 1981. The article also contains interview snippets from all 3 band members. Here are some comments from Geddy:

... "We were allowing ourselves more improvisation on stage - that great feeling of not quite knowing where you were going or how you were going to get out of it. It was really exciting. We were really pushing ourselves. Later we said, 'Wouldn't it be great to have those moments on record too?' "

So Peart, perhaps rock's greatest drummer, abandoned his customary meticulous preparation.

"Neil just said, 'Look, I'm not going to figure out all the arrangements, I'm just going to do it on the fly'," said Geddy.

"What he got out of it was that he was just playing, just flying. He wasn't a slave to the traditional structure. He was experimenting throughout. We all were. You can see that we're really going for it. We're jamming - it's loose, accidental, experimental, and it works.

"We found a groove, the three of us. It only took us 38 years to get our groove on!" ...

You can read the entire article at this location.



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#54 - Posted 7/30/12 @5:46PM by conniemack99 [contact]

Well said #52. If you had told me 10,20,30 years ago that I would still be diggin' on NEW Rush of this quality, I wouldn't have believed it. We should all be greatful that the boys are still alive and kickin' out big audacious albums like CA. There aren't many of my favorite bands from the 70s/80s that you'll find doing anything remotely what Rush is doing these days. I'm grateful for everything they give us and that I get to share it with my kids.
#53 - Posted 7/30/12 @4:26PM by rushken2112 [contact]

this new album is a solid refreshing peice of work. I can say I really do not get tired of it. Cant wait for the november!..have to wait, bummer! oh well cya in the atl!
#52 - Posted 7/30/12 @10:25AM by dinoman [contact]

I think HYF is a great album. It, along with Presto, are my favorites of the GuP - T4E period (not to say the rest are crap, but that period contains my "least listened to" albums). I guess, in some ways, I can identify with those who are not fans of the recent material and long for something that harkens back to what you loved about them in the past. I was the same way during the 80's. I so desperately wanted something like AFTK or PW or whatever. BUT, I loved Rush and there was always something in the music that spoke to me and I always tried to keep an open mind and listen to the new material for what it is, not what I want it to be. Besides, if I wanted to hear PW, AFTK, etc. ... I could put them on my stereo and listen to them. When CP and T4E came out, I was really happy to see them leave that "80s" sound behind and return to "rock", but (for the most part, though not entirely) those albums just didn't move me as much as some that perhaps have an overall "less desirable" sound (like HYF).

During that time (and hell, even now) every now and again I would go back to an album I (more or less) disregarded and would find it had opened up to me in a completely new way, and suddenly it would become one of my favorites.

Actually, these days I typically have the notion that my favorite Rush album is whichever one I'm listening to.

For me, VT, S&A and CA are Rush at their finest. When I think about it, I'm just blown away that this is the Rush we get after all these years. Fantastic.
#51 - Posted 7/30/12 @1:49AM by Shirking_Man [contact]

DW drums are perfectly fine. Complainers are usually rank amateurs. Seems to me that you just have to be acquainted with the lost art of tuning a drum. Examples abound, but this one is good enough for me:


Rush in the Sun ... wowza ...
#50 - Posted 7/29/12 @12:55AM by Micky [contact]

@43- I really feel for you mate. As many other pointed out, what the heck are you doing here checking and double checking ? We got you no longer like Rush. We got your fav Rush albums. Fair enough. Now if you dont like them anyomore,go in peace and wish you well.
#49 - Posted 7/28/12 @9:45PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Beware: Trolls on the prowl...
#48 - Posted 7/28/12 @5:20PM by hannuFIN [contact]

Maybe "they" should do next time a C&W old style album with Terry Brown mixing and old instruments with some complex prog arrangements done and used with 70's wigs so more would be happy. What a nice by the Sun, an article of Best Group in The Galaxy EVER ! And yes, I think this is the most intense and rocking Rush album ever (S&A and Vt were just in other division). "The measure of a life is the measure of love and respect, so hard to earn, so easily burned". Love & RUSH..just no words after that.
#47 - Posted 7/28/12 @5:13PM by jaeger [contact]

#40 HYF is my favorite post-80 album until CA. To me, the ensemble feel of the playing the way the play with tempos and all the little touches on top, not to mention the top-notch lyrics, make it an exceptional album.

I have difficulty seeing how anyone could call it crap, either absolutely or relatively. [IMO, only the very first album could in any way be considered of truly questionable quality.]
#46 - Posted 7/28/12 @4:20PM by KLR2112 [contact]

I guess some people just need attention. One thing I know for sure is I don't feel cheated when I go to a Rush show or buy thier latest. I might be blind but at least I'm not walking around unhappy. As I said before to each his own. Peace...
#45 - Posted 7/28/12 @3:21PM by jiminseattle [contact]

#44. Perplexing is the word of choice for certain. Thanks for bloggin.

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