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Sonic Elements cover of Tom Sawyer now on SoundCloud
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UPDATE - 4/25@12:09PM: For those of you who ordered the CD, the shipping is a little delayed although they are offering up the download version while you wait. Here's a message that reader Kelly M received:

Thank you for purchasing the pre-order of the limited edition XYZ - A Tribute To Rush CD! While we are still waiting for the CDs to arrive we wanted to treat you to the download version in mp3 and full CD quality wave format while you wait. So visit your download area on esoundz to access it on 4-21-12. Expected shipping on the CD version which you will still get is early May. We will inform you when it has been shipped. If you have any questions feel free to contact us! Enjoy!

----- snip -----

Sonic Elements - XYZ: A Tribute to RushThe full version of Tom Sawyer from the upcoming Sonic Elements Rush tribute XYZ: A Tribute To Rush has been posted online at (thanks RushJunkie2112). The cover features John Wesley (Porcupine Tree) on vocals and guitars, Billy Sherwood (Yes) on bass, Dave Kerzner on keys and Neil Peart Drums by Sonic Reality. You can listen to it below or at this link. Tom Sawyer is just one of 5 tracks from the EP which releases on April 21st and can be pre-ordered via as a digital download or a physical CD. The other 4 featured tracks are Red Barchetta, YYZ, Limelight and a bonus track titled Trifecta. Other performers include Rik Emmett (Triumph), Randy McStine, and Matt Dorsey. Trifecta is an original track written by Billy Sherwood and Dave Kerzner that uses the drum track from YYZ. You can listen to samples from the project on SoundCloud, and check out all the track details at the esoundz website listing.

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#16 - Posted 4/17/12 @10:36PM by Squids [contact]

If it inspired you to pick the guitar that's fantastic. Yeah, the whole idea of this is supposed to be fun. An alternate reality interchanging different elements whether it's the people, the sounds, the style... and with Neil Peart Drums as a constant 'authentic' Rush element you really have a major major head start (at the same time the bar is raised so you're playing has to be as great as it can be). I probably did that keyboard solo at the end about 50 takes until I was happy with it. But 'virtually" jamming with Neil was just beyond words. Even Rik Emmett felt the same way. Search Rik Emmett and Sonic Elements on YouTube for an interview or go to I'm going to post some new interview stuff this week as well plus more footage of Neil during the session.
#15 - Posted 4/17/12 @10:14PM by mdawdy [contact]

Thanks for that, Dave. I don't know much about the other musicians in here (well, I just discovered Porcupine Tree a few weeks ago...holy crap they're great), so I can't comment on personalities. But I loved the cover.

You guys nailed the spirit of a tribute.

It was a nice surprise that you guys didn't go off into jazz exploration instead of the guitar solo, or over-feature the drums just because you could, or any number of 100 other things that would have killed the vibe.

At first the "bite" was overwhelming me, but on 3rd listen, I'm really getting into it. Hell, you inspired me to pick up my guitar! I haven't touched it in months, so, well, thanks a lot for that.
#14 - Posted 4/17/12 @3:40PM by Squids [contact]

Hi guys. This is Dave, the guy who produced and played keys on this Rush tribute we're doing. I'll stay away from the straight up negative comments as there isn't much to say there except with all music some people like it and some people don't! Sorry if you don't. Glad if you do! But, here are a few comments from me just to clarify some stuff and at least put my opinion into the mix. Regarding drum sounds, these were actually recorded by Nick R and mixed by me. To me it's like a hybrid sound between the old and the new. I personally think Nick and Richard are excellent engineers (some of the best). I love the sound of the new Rush records even though I'm a fan that puts PW, MP, Signals on the top of my fave list... and I'm all about the vintage keyboards too which I've used on this as well as samples. Regarding Wes... I love what he does. I think it's hard to sing a Rush song in the first place if you're not Geddy. Very few people can pull it off and make it their own. Some will think the guys on this did and some won't. But I'm happy with it. LOVE the guitar sounds (and the guitar sounds in Porcupine Tree too). Just my personal taste. Love Alex, Geddy and Neil as all of us do. This is in tribute to their music so it's that spirit where we're coming from and keep in mind this is being done using a product made with Neil! I'm sure he wants you to jam with his drums too... and a contest is coming very soon. Finally, Billy Sherwood... say what you want but he is very talented and I think he did a fine job on this! Also, very easy to work with and fast. No complaints from this side. Oh and post-finally (forgot), you're right about hearing some "Signals"-ness in the keyboard solo. A hint of Countdown, Losing It etc. I'm a keyboard player and since it's a cover interpretation I thought it'd be fun to add in a little vintage analog to extend the ending. Of course it's my hope as a fellow Rush fan that you guys will like it! At the very least if you're a musician and you think you can do a Rush song justice or even better write your own song to Neil's grooves then by all means do it! Thanks for listening. All good. Peace! - Dave K. (ps. I posted Limelight on the SE Facebook page: )
#13 - Posted 4/17/12 @12:23PM by UnstableCondition

I ususally feel embarrassed for the performers when I hear Rush covers, and this one was no exception.

John Wesley is a great guy, but his singing style sounds so... 'overcooked' is about the best word I can use to describe it. It's like he's trying to make every note sound so emotional, but it just sounds forced.

The drum samples sound great though.
#12 - Posted 4/16/12 @10:01PM by chutch15 [contact]

Vocal delivery and effects are awful. Dave Kerzner is a great guy and this is a very interesting project for the most part. I'm just sorry that Billy Sherwood is part of this project. That guy is an arrogant jackass, IMO. World Trade was lousy and his 10 minutes in Yes don't justify his bloated ego.
#11 - Posted 4/16/12 @6:25PM by bravado [contact]

unless it's rush doing a tribute album, i don't reaaly care. but it is cool that all these artist are giving reconition to the greatest band in the world. rush on
#10 - Posted 4/16/12 @6:16PM by alzrush [contact]

Rush are on sky arts 129 Snakes and arrows 10 pm till 12 uk time its about time as they are the best rock band in the
#9 - Posted 4/16/12 @5:57PM by SpaceTrucker [contact]

Why bother, the original is total perfection.
#8 - Posted 4/16/12 @5:45PM by sitting bull [contact]

Guitar solo fail...
#7 - Posted 4/16/12 @5:06PM by Runkerry

I thought it sounded pretty good. Overall sound is pretty close to the original. Not a big fan of John Wesley's vocals but he is a good guitarist. He really contributes a big piece to the overall Porcupine Tree sound.

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