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Headlong Flight single from Clockwork Angels radio and digital release update
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UPDATE - 4/5@7:59PM: Almost forgot! DJ_Carter also learned that the official tour announcement should be coming the same day as the radio release on April 19th.

UPDATE - 4/5@1:38PM: Here are some of DJ_Carter's comments regarding the radio-edit of Headlong Flight that he listened to:

... The opening chords sound almost EXACTLY like a heavier version of Bastille Day. ... There's some Bastille Day rhythms, a more raw guitar tone that sounds less polished and more Hemispheres-y, an absolutely bone-shattering drum break in the middle that sounds like a modern version of Neil's break in By-Tor, and some really audible and fun shifts in the structure of the song, a la the transitions in Natural Science. If I had to encapsulate the sound in just a few words, it would be Caress of Steel crossed with Vapor Trails. Headlong Flight doesn't feel as heavy as BU2B; it's very much Vapor Trails-y, but with much more tasty bass. Truly, the bass in this song is killer. I think we can count on seeing a lot more of the Leave That Thing Alone live solo stuff on this record. ... One thing that was really encouraging about this track was the fact that Neil's drumming was very fast in certain places. BU2B was ... heavy but plodding, not challenging or rhythmically complex. Headlong Flight is totally different. This is Neil at his best, and the break I mentioned earlier feels like his classic fills. There is indeed a guitar solo, towards the end of the track. But it's a solo in the sense that Alex's solo from Caravan was a solo. He's shredding, no doubt about it, but it isn't like a Freewill type of shredding that has a pattern and a resolution. Very frenetic and exciting, though! ...

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 4/5@8:00AM: I have a few more details regarding the track lengths of the various edits from reader DJ_Carter. He let me know that the album version of Headlong Flight runs in at 7:20. The original length of the radio-edit of the track was 5:20, but once it was confirmed that it would be the first single they produced another, shorter version that clocked in at 4:50. He was played both of these cuts (the 5:20 and 4:50 versions) but couldn't tell any significant difference.

Clockwork AngelsWe learned last week that Headlong Flight is the title of the first single that will be released from Rush's upcoming Clockwork Angels album. Roadrunner began shopping the single out to various folks in the radio industry last Wednesday setting the Twittersphere abuzz with reactions - all very positive. The track is about 7.5 minutes long and has been described as epic by those who have heard it along with some comparisons to By-tor and the Snow Dog and mid-70s Rush. You can read all the reactions in this post. I'd initially heard that the single will be released to radio on April 19th but now have some more details. Apparently there will be a very limited (probably just a one-off spin) preview release on select stations next Wednesday, April 11th. Then the track will be released on a limited number of stations April 19-20th. The general radio release along with a digital release on iTunes and other formats will occur on Tuesday, April 24th. More information as I learn it.

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#108 - Posted 4/11/12 @6:15PM by default236 [contact]

I'm so excited!!! Just pre-ordered Clockwork Angels on Rush Backstage Club (Got my Cleveland DVD a day early from there!!!) and I also spent the extra money to pre-order that "Fan Pack". So I have two Clockwork Angels coming soon!!
#107 - Posted 4/7/12 @11:00PM by NYX [contact]

It amazes me that 30 some odd years later critics and reviewers still struggle to describe Rush's latest sound. So far I've heard everything from "70's Rush is back" to "80's Rush but harder" to a "Caress of Steel/Vapor Trails mash-up". All this tells me is that it will be yet another Rush album not like any other which makes perfect sense because no two Rush albums sound the same to begin with.
#106 - Posted 4/6/12 @2:15PM by Jimbo [contact]

#98 - There was one comment about a weird speaking/talking part, so that's related to vocals. I really liked the speaking part in Double Agent, so bring it on.
#105 - Posted 4/6/12 @10:21AM by zkzt

The rumored date of September 9th at Bristow, Virginia is actually..the same Sunday I think the NFL will kick off this year. Yes, priorities, priorities.

And I think the Redskins are opening at home against the Eagles this year. Hmmm.

Heavy sounding song? A step in the right direction. But it does not the ballads will show up sooner than later. I bet the Bastille Day homage is a mere single second like the Hemispheres single note in Far Cry.
#104 - Posted 4/6/12 @10:02AM by glweinrib [contact]

So when do we get a list of stations that will be playing it?
#103 - Posted 4/6/12 @9:04AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

The book contest, Geddy as the judge at some event, the XYZ thing, and the painting auction that Alex did. There are very few comments on them. Overshadowed by the new song updates. That's all I was saying there.
#102 - Posted 4/6/12 @8:26AM by Liverpool 78

#101 - Posted 4/6/12 @7:49AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Funny what the new song rumours did to the previous four threads.Sad but true.
#100 - Posted 4/6/12 @6:58AM by Runkerry

100! The suspense! Roadrunner really are milking this for all it's worth. But I guess that's their call. Gone are the days when there were no, or very few leaks and I turned up at my local record store every three or four years to start browsing for a new Rush CD. Seriously, I used to do that as I had just about worked out when a new one was due, and sure enough by the third visit or so, it would be there. Presto, Counterparts, and T4E were all therefore genuine surprises for me. Maybe I just had my head in the sand, and didn't buy enough rock magazines : /
#99 - Posted 4/6/12 @4:53AM by africadrum2000 [contact]

94- This is plain and simple business- Our ticket money sits in someones account (Live Nation/promoter???) earning them interest. A lot of major tours are have tickets on sale a good 6 months before the tour.

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