Sunday, April 1, 2012

Anthrax to cover Rush's Anthem for upcoming tribute album
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Blabbermouth reported on Saturday (thanks Will C) that pioneering American thrash metal band Anthrax would be including a cover of Rush's Anthem on an upcoming tribute album. No further details are available regarding the album, but Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante posted a one-minute video of himself laying down the drums for the track to his YouTube page here.



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#13 - Posted 4/3/12 @11:24AM by Pale Facsimile [contact]

Anthrax is awesome. I actually only got into them after I saw the Big 4 DVD, but they're fantastic. Looking forward to hearing them cover Anthem (Charlie's layin' it DOWN in this clip). When it comes to the Joey B vs. John Bush debate, I'm a Joey guy, because I love his voice, he's from nearby Oswego (not far from me in the 'Cuse), and he's one of the friendliest rock stars you'll ever meet. The dude just loves PLAYING, period. Whenever 'thrax isn't on the road or in the studio, Joey sings and plays drums in a local classic rock cover band (Chief Big Way), which I saw twice last year.
#12 - Posted 4/2/12 @7:53PM by Rob [contact]

Does this mean Anthrax are disciples of Ayn Rand too?
#11 - Posted 4/2/12 @10:57AM by Animate [contact]

Almost hate to admit it, but I would love to hear covers by all the bands on Beyond the Lighted stage- Smashing Pumpkins- Entre Nous, Sabastian Bach - Circumstance, Metallica - La Villa etc.
#10 - Posted 4/2/12 @10:19AM by UnstableCondition

Their bassist Frank Bello is a HUGE Geddy Lee fan, so this makes sense from that respect.

'Among The Living' was one of the first metal albums I ever bought, around the same time as Metallica's 'Master Of Puppets', Megadeth's 'So Far, So Good... So What', and Iron Maiden's 'Somewhere In Time'. Ahhh, so many memories.

At the time I liked Anthrax the best, because they were so fast and thrashy, but had a singer who didn't sound stereotypically 'metal'. It's a bit cartoonish for me now (I'm all growed up, I guess), but still a lot of fun every once in a while. 'Caught In A Mosh' is still one of my favourite songs ever.

And what I've heard of their new album has been pretty good too. Nice to see Joey back (even though Bush kicked serious butt - too bad they couldn't keep both guys).
#9 - Posted 4/2/12 @10:13AM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

I've been a fan of Anthrax for almost as long as Rush. This is a very welcomed cover.
#8 - Posted 4/2/12 @9:54AM by alexmai [contact]

I was thinking about Kiss... they had Rush as a supporter, it could be interesting to see them coverize them! I can imagine In the mood sang by Gene ;-)
#7 - Posted 4/2/12 @9:47AM by Animate [contact]

Anthrax cover of Anthem.. and the potential for a Rush tribute album with covers by big hitters.... Now THAT is something really worth being excited for!
#6 - Posted 4/2/12 @9:04AM by jaeger [contact]

I am extremely optimistic about this "tribute." I think this band can deliver a genuinely new interpretation, not just a weak imitation, of this particular song.
#5 - Posted 4/2/12 @8:32AM by alexmai [contact]

But... it's a Rush tribute??? More info?
#4 - Posted 4/2/12 @7:48AM by SnakesandArrows [contact]

This will be good! Anthrax rocks! I wonder who will be singing it? Joey Belladonna or John Bush? Either one would be cool. Personally more of a John BUsh fan...

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