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Neil Peart featured in Ginger Baker documentary Beware of Mr. Baker
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Beware of Mr. BakerUPDATE - 3/8@9:32AM: Here's a SXSW Preview Clip (thanks RushFanForever) featuring Neil Peart in a couple of spots (1:50, 2:15 marks).

According to, Neil Peart is one of several drummers featured in Jay Bulger's documentary on legendary drummer Ginger Baker, Beware of Mr. Baker. The documentary will be featured at the SXSW film festival in Austin this month. From

If you've got a problem with Ginger Baker, go ahead and hit him in the nose. He'd welcome it. "I ain't gonna sue you. I'm gonna hit you back," the crazy drummer tells the camera in this trailer for the new documentary Beware of Mr. Baker, which screens multiple times at SXSW in Austin beginning March 10th. Eric Clapton, Johnny Rotten, Carlos Santana, Charlie Watts and Neil Peart are just a few of the legendary musicians who attest to the musical gift of the drummer, best known for playing in Cream and Blind Faith before discovering the Afrobeat of Fela Kuti. Most of them can also vouch for Baker's ferocious approach to life. "Maybe you have to be a little mad to play the way he does," says Marky Ramone.

You can watch the trailer for the film below or at this link although Neil Peart does not appear in it.



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#10 - Posted 3/2/12 @10:05AM by RushFanForever [contact]

Ginger Baker's 2009 interview with Rolling Stone magazine was very interesting to say the least.

The interview has been re-printed below:

#9 - Posted 3/2/12 @9:52AM by marty from clayton [contact]

Oh, and he had better clothes in hte 70's, and he didn't weigh as much.
#8 - Posted 3/2/12 @9:52AM by marty from clayton [contact]

Neil is getting way too famous. I wish it was like it was in the 70's when hardly anyone knew who he was, and unless he was actually drumming, he stayed in a cellar.
#7 - Posted 3/1/12 @11:45PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

Ginger Baker reminds me of Charles Bukowski.

Pressed Rat And Warthog, indeed...

#6 - Posted 3/1/12 @10:23PM by snowdog2113 [contact]

Here's a couple more quotes:

"I was heavily influenced by Hendrix and Pete Townsend of the Who, Jimmy Page was a big influence as were Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, particularly the Cream era." - Alex Lifeson,, July 29, 2004

"His playing was revolutionary- extrovert, primal, and inventive. He set the bar for what rock drumming could be. I certainly emulated Ginger's approaches to rhythm- his hard, flat, percussive sound was very innovative. Everyone who came after built on that foundation. Every rock drummer since has been influenced in some way by Ginger- even if they don't know it." - Neil Peart regarding Cream drummer Ginger Baker, Rolling Stone Magazine, August 20, 2009
#5 - Posted 3/1/12 @10:18PM by snowdog2113 [contact]

They may have been a little lower in terms of their influence on Rush overall than some of the other bands you mentioned but that doesn't mean they still weren't a big deal to them. I've heard all the guys in Rush cite Cream as a big influence many, many times and specifically point out the individual members.

Alex wouldn't have wanted to paint one of his first guitars just like Clapton's for example if Cream wasn't really important to him and the others. This is just one of tons of references:

"I progressed to a Conora electric, a Japanese solidbody-$59.00 for that one. I still have it in my basement. When I got it I painted it all psychedelic. Around that time Cream had come out, and I had to have a guitar that looked like Eric Clapton's Gibson SG."

#4 - Posted 3/1/12 @6:47PM by Rob [contact]

I meant that Keith Moon was more influential to Neil than Baker.

Page was more to Alex than Clapton.

Squire was more to Geddy than Bruce.

The Who,Yes,and Led Zeppelin were more influential songwriters to all of them than Cream.

It just always seemed the only influence Cream had on Rush was the "British blues" sound they had going.
#3 - Posted 3/1/12 @6:18PM by Liverpool 78

If they were influenced by this trio then I suppose they would be bound to identify with the individual members; particularly as young musicians?

#2 - Posted 3/1/12 @5:55PM by Rob [contact]

Interesting...I didn't think Neil cited Baker as much of an influence. It seems that Ged,Alex,and Neil always considered Cream as an influence..but not any particular member.
#1 - Posted 3/1/12 @1:22PM by RThompson150 [contact]

I am first again! Good luck streak!

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