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Rush mention in new Ace Frehley autobiography No Regrets
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UPDATE - 11/2@12:27PM: Thanks to reader Paul P I now have the picture of Alex with The Bag from page 8 of the book's photo section.

No Regrets is the new autobiography from original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley. The book just released today and there's a Rush mention on pages 188-9 in Chapter 13 - Fast Cars, Celebs, and Betty White:

I have so many road stories, but one that always comes to mind is the tour we did in the summer of 1975 with Rush opening for us. I always liked Rush (and still do). After a few weeks on tour I started to get to know the guys in the band, and their very funny tour manager, Howie. One thing led to another and before long Peter and I were getting visits from the Rush boys. It usually turned into late evenings filled with beer and grass and whatever else was around. Alex Lifeson, the band's guitarist, used to do this hysterical routine with a large paper laundry bag. He'd draw a ridiculous giant face on the bag with a black marker and put it over his head with a couple of holes poked in it so he could see and breathe. Everyone in the room at this point was either drunk or stoned, but usually a little of both. Anyway, Alex would go into this routine with the bag over his head and while smoking a joint out of his eye he put everyone into total hysterics. He really milked the routine until everyone was gasping for air!

Ace has mentioned this story in the past, specifically in this 2006 radio interview with Eddie Trunk. Apparently there's a photo of Alex with The Bag on page 8 of the book. If anyone purchases the book, please scan it for us! Thanks to RushFanForever for the heads up.



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#18 - Posted 11/4/11 @6:43PM by What-A-Rush

I'm going to attempt the impossible by commenting on #'s 10 through 17 in my post. First, I strongly agree with #10 regarding the influence of Kiss on the 80's hard rock scene,although I wouldn't say they "invented" 80's hard rock as #14 states. Did Kiss create a blueprint that many 80's hard rock acts followed? Absolutely! Did they INVENT 80's hard rock? I have to say no. In fact,truth be told,I think the 80's version of Kiss borrowed a few pointers from the bands they originally influenced! That said,being a longtime fan of Kiss for 29 years they are just as guilty of cashing in on trends as the next "hair band". So in that sense,nothing is truly original,certainly not in rock and roll! The idea of makeup and theatrics was not born with Kiss,and nor will it die with them. However,they did set a atandard with their live show that many musicians of various genres were and are forced to match,such as some of the bands and artists mentioned in the previous posts. Also,let's not forget about the many bands from the early 90's who consistently cite the ORIGINAL Kiss as an influence,starting with Nirvana,Alice In Chains,Nine Inch Nails,Stone Temple Pilots,Soundgarden,Rage Against The Machine,the list goes on! I can remember vividly being very surprised about how many so-called "alternative" bands were quick to point to Kiss as a huge inspiration to their sound,while simultaneously having nothing in common with Kiss musically. It was then that Kiss was finally starting to get some respect for the great songs they have which still hold up in 2011! In closing,it really is true that if Kiss were only about the show,they wouldn't have lasted as long as they have. I truly enjoyed reading all the comments on this thread,mainly because I love to read ALL points of view regarding the legacy of Kiss,PRO AND CON! Looking forward to meeting Ace here in Tempe,AZ. on 11-15-11,hopefully he'll tell some other stories of the infamous Kiss/Rush tour of 1975,arguably the greatest concert pairing of all-time! Great thread and comments,thanks RIAB!
#17 - Posted 11/3/11 @10:08AM by Lamb Saag [contact]

Why not? I'll take the bait...

I'm a lifelong fan of hard rockin' Rush/Zep/Yes/Who/ELP/Tull/Doors, etc.

But I also think Doug E. Fresh's "La Di Da Di" and "The Show" are the best examples of what good rap music is.

I also like the Monkees. And Zappa, Sun Ra, and Strawberry Alarm Clock.

'Nuff said.

Well, maybe one more thing: cpb, your hyperbole is the best in the world!

#16 - Posted 11/3/11 @9:20AM by hazlnut [contact]

#12 Please see the word "various" in my post. Meaning not all, but most. Disco and Hip-hop CAN BE well Produced. See Black Eyed Peas.
#15 - Posted 11/3/11 @9:17AM by hazlnut [contact]

The monkees? The group they made up for a TV show? Please call the Clue Department, your's are on backorder.
#14 - Posted 11/3/11 @9:16AM by hazlnut [contact]

#13 - Posted 11/2/11 @10:26PM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Let a tsunami of sarcasm be unleashed on those who dare question
#12 - Posted 11/2/11 @9:34PM by cpb [contact]

If you honestly don't see the connection between KISS (and Alice Cooper) and EARLY 1980s bands like Motley Crue...I really can't be bothered. Yes, T-Rex and Bowie glam are in there too, but they're all extensions of the same concept.

Fine. You win. I guess I thought that hip-hop CAN BE well-produced, slick, and full of people who are presenting a fresh alternative to stale concepts including, but not limited to, boring-ass verse/chorus power-chord rock. You're right: there's obviously NO SIMILARITY to what Rush do there. Your argument that "rap does suck" is too logical for me. How dare I enjoy multiple genres of music? Guess I'd better go throw out my Miles Davis as well.
#11 - Posted 11/2/11 @4:40PM by mkefromTO [contact]

#10 most of the late eighties hair metal was based on british glam and groups like Aerosmith, AC/DC and Zep. Like Ace frehly said in the documentary kiss conquers the world or something like that, he said "it certainly wasn't about the music" And rap does suck. Not sure how you can listen to that and like Rush.
#10 - Posted 11/2/11 @12:20PM by cpb [contact]

#8: based on your comments in this and the post above, I'm assuming someone relieved themselves in your Cheerios. Relax, dude. Kiss influenced a TON of other bands (namely Motley Crue and every "hair band" of the 1980s, whether you like them or not), and I've already had my say as to people so closed-minded to rap & hip-hop that they think it ALL sucks.

The suggestion in #4 is the bestest ever of all time. No hyperbole.
#9 - Posted 11/1/11 @5:11PM by What-A-Rush

Ah...1975. What I would give to have been 15 years old that year to have seen the infamous Kiss/Rush tour! It never ceases to amaze me about the continued respect and admiration that these two bands have for one another. I can only imagine how exciting it must have been to have seen this tour at that time! Both were young,hungry,and at the end of the day really paying their dues and having fun! It's nice to see that neither have forgotten where they've come from! Also,#3 and #4 I can appreciate your sentiments,but I honestly think that both Kiss and Rush WILL be inevitably inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame sooner or later,either by demand or default,take your pick! That said,rest assured BOTH KISS AND RUSH WILL BE THERE!! I have to slightly disagree with #3 as far as the two songs he picked. I'd rather see them play 'Working Man' and 'Black Diamond' together at their induction!! To conclude,if Kiss and Rush were to be inducted simultaneously,I WOULD BE AT THAT HALL OF FAME CEREMONY IN A HEARTBEAT!! Always great to hear from Rush and Kiss fans,both pro and con! Great thread and comments. Thanks RIAB,great work as always!

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