Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Making The Geddy at Caplansky's Deli in Toronto
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One of Geddy Lee's favorite spots to eat in Toronto is Caplansky's Deli on College street. Geddy is such a favored customer that they even named a dish after him. The Geddy is described on the menu as follows:

Lox, salami and eggs all scrambled together with onions and served with rye toast, latkes & apple sauce just the way he likes it. Closer to the heart? You betcha

Unigirl Canada's Campus Cuisine recently featured Caplansky's Deli and received a personal lesson on how to make The Geddy from owner Zane Caplansky. You can check out the video below or at this link.

Thanks to RushFanForever for the heads up.



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#8 - Posted 10/21/11 @10:25AM by UnstableCondition

Someone was handling food in that video?? Must have missed it. I kept getting distracted by... something else...

Ahem. Anyway, carry on!
#7 - Posted 10/20/11 @12:59AM by barbt2112 [contact]

Gonna have a Geddy on Sunday!
#6 - Posted 10/19/11 @3:38PM by double-agent [contact]

I wonder how much extra it would cost to get an actual Geddy with my Geddy? ♥

Closer to the heartburn....LOL!!! :D
#5 - Posted 10/19/11 @12:50AM by The Clansman 2112 [contact]

Still, if I ever hit up Toronto, I will still go there and try it!!!
#4 - Posted 10/18/11 @4:54PM by Big_Al_Fan [contact]

Sounds like Closer to the Heartburn to me.
#3 - Posted 10/18/11 @3:05PM by RushFanForever [contact]

A fellow Rush fan I know has a friend who works at Capalansky's Deli who has served Geddy said that 'The LEO (Lox, Eggs and Onions)' is his preference.

That's hilarious since Geddy's astrology sign is Leo.
#2 - Posted 10/18/11 @10:54AM by Harry Satchel [contact]

I agree about handling the food with his bare hands. Maybe he did that because they're not actually serving it, but it does leave kind of a bad impression. I will say, however, that she left a good impression! lol
#1 - Posted 10/18/11 @10:20AM by The Clansman 2112 [contact]

I hated watching that because the cook handled all the food with his bare hands!!!! That was always a no-no when I was cooking.

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