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ABC 1974 CD of Rush's first recorded live performance now available for pre-order
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We learned a couple months ago that Left Field Media would be releasing a CD of Rush's live WMMS radio broadcast of their August 26th, 1974 show at the Cleveland Agora titled Rush ABC 1974. This broadcast has been available as a bootleg for many years, but this seems to be the first legal release - legal in the UK at least. It will be available in the UK on October 24th, and in the US as an import on November 1st. As of right now it doesn't look like it will be available in Canada. It was Rush's first recorded performance in the US as well as the band's first recorded performance with Neil Peart on drums, and a young Donna Halper - who was the music director at WMMS at the time - introduced the band. It contains the early, unreleased tracks Fancy Dancer, Bad Boy (cover) and Garden Road. Thanks to Charlie W for the heads up.



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#30 - Posted 10/26/11 @9:13AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

CD arrived today.
3 bonus tracks from the Cleveland show in May 1975,
the tracks Anthem, Beneath & Behind and Fly By Night.
Nice package in a slip case only £8.02P (around $12) post paid fom Amazon UK.
Old prog rock fan.
London England.
#29 - Posted 10/12/11 @11:41PM by cpb [contact]

snowdog2113, with all due respect (and I DO respect you)...

Chill, pickle!

I think you may be working a bit hard to extrapolate politics out of these comments. Nobody is suggesting government intervention. My comment was based on a silly example, and if you don't know Rule 34...well, Google it, but be warned it'll probably be NSFW. As for the others, I think it's a totally legitimate debate as to whether or not there is a REAL value added with these re-packagings (which almost completely benefit Mercury Records). You think there are; others don't. I don't like them just because I don't like a bunch of re-issues clogging on the canon. But it's fine if you do. However, it's well within people's rights to question the actual motivation of those who are doing it. But I saw NOTHING here to imply that people are questioning their legal right to do so.

Dragging Occupy Wall Street into this board as an insult is a lot like dragging the Tea Party into this board as an insult - you're far LESS likely to make the point you're trying to. (You and I have BOTH been around long enough to see this!) I think you made some good points - but I just don't think they need to be couched in political ideology. Still, respect man! Have a great rest-of-the-week!
#28 - Posted 10/12/11 @7:29PM by snowdog2113 [contact]

"just because there's a demand for it, that doesn't mean that anyone SHOULD supply it."

WHAT?!?!? As long as it's not an illegal substance why the hell shouldn't a business respond to demand?

#26 - Yes, they are less exploitive for two huge reasons. First, the people who actually created the work with their time and effort will benefit and secondly, they are simply and definitively NOT the same thing that "already exists". Now, it's true that the differences will not of any value to a certain percentage of the fanbase but they are to the rest. They are a qualitative improvement and are also packaged as a collector's type item that lots of fans have an interest in. You should be perfectly happy to not buy it if you have no interest and leave it at that. You guys are trying to project your needs and wants onto others. If almost everyone feels as you guys do then it will tank and be a financial disaster for them. See? It's self-correcting.

"Rightly or wrongly,as long as we DEMAND it,some individual or corporation will find a way to SUPPLY it!"

- What the hell is wrong with you people, are you typing this from the Occupy Wall Street protests? Guess what, in the free market there is no such thing as a "money grab". There simply is no such thing. Only the government and thieves can take your money. What you guys are really saying is "people cannot be trusted to know what they're doing with their own money and therefore have to be protected from themselves by having their options artificially limited by people like me, who know better."

I've skipped many of Rush's "best of" packages because I didn't need or want them. I also recognize that others do and that's perfectly fine. But I'm as excited about getting these redone in HD 96kHz/24-bit as I am about any of their other upcoming releases. The 5.1 versions are just gravy on top.
#27 - Posted 10/12/11 @4:57PM by cpb [contact]

#26 - just because there's a demand for it, that doesn't mean that anyone SHOULD supply it.

Consider Rule 34.
#26 - Posted 10/12/11 @4:54PM by What-A-Rush

I can see where #22 and #23 are coming from to a certain extent. That being said, are the upcoming "Sector" box sets any LESS exploitative? Truth be told, as long as there is a demand for this,people will pay for it. Just as there are fans who own it already,some do not. Furthermore,some of the people who currently own it had to,you guessed it,PAY FOR IT! Frankly, I have a hard time believing that Universal Records EXECS are re-releasing the ENTIRE Mercury catalog along with the "bonus" of three surround-sound versions of recordings that already exist OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF THEIR HEARTS! If anyone in the Rush organization were that concerned about it,why not attempt to buy back the rights to this and other radio shows so the band can benefit from these gems? Rightly or wrongly,as long as we DEMAND it,some individual or corporation will find a way to SUPPLY it! When all is said and done,I would rather have live Rush radio shows over the surround sound discs anytime. As always,great comments and viewpoints on a very touchy subject. Thanks RIAB!
#25 - Posted 10/12/11 @1:21PM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

With reference to my last post (you gotta love the Internet):

#24 - Posted 10/12/11 @1:16PM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

I have a taped copy of that Electric Ladyland show, too ... I gotta move it to digital before it completely disintegrates ... it's a killer performance. Too bad it sounds like there were 4 people in the studio. It's been a while since I listened to it, but I have a recollection of there being an embarrassing dead silence at the end of "Here Again". I'll have to go find it online.
#23 - Posted 10/11/11 @4:46PM by Frpadilla

#22 is spot on. Your purchase will not benefit Rush at all. Spend your dollars on the slew of other official releases by Rush coming out this Fall.
#22 - Posted 10/11/11 @11:10AM by Cygnify [contact]

Purchasing this essentially amounts to buying a recording that is currently freely traded all over the internet (a little search and you can find a link to download a lossless version on the rush forum...) This release is clearly not authorized by Rush. Your purchase will not support Rush, but your cash will go to somebody exploiting Rush's greatness (i.e. a "bootlegger") Just sayin'.
#21 - Posted 10/11/11 @10:12AM by cpb [contact]

#19: the answer to your question will be revealed if you read post #3.

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