Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alex Lifeson makes GuitarSquid's Top 10 Guitarist Mullets list
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Alex Lifeson and his mulletGuitarSquid posted their list of the Top 10 Guitarist Mullets on Friday, and coming in at #10 was Alex Lifeson. From the article:

Although the mullet and its many variations are often identified with Canadians, hockey players in general, Australians and trailer parks South of the Mason Dixon line, let's not forget that gutiarists are a worthy subgroup for categorizing notable mullets. Many a guitarslinger has kept it all-business in the front and party-hardy in the back. ...

10. Alex Lifeson - Lifeson has been around long enough to have survived a number of hindsightful hair-don'ts, but his Hold Your Fire-era mullet is a perfect specimen of mid-'80s Canadian variety.

Thanks to Max Mobley for the heads up.



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#13 - Posted 8/16/11 @1:20PM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

I always considered this hair-do, as Alex's tryout for A Flock of Seagulls. But he wore it better than most.
#12 - Posted 8/15/11 @8:43PM by jonlane [contact]

Fail! This pic of Alex does not depict a mullet. It's only a mullet if the hair on top is short.
#11 - Posted 8/15/11 @2:49PM by ervnos [contact]

I was always more impressed with his Hemispheres-era poodle perm. More rockin'.
#10 - Posted 8/15/11 @1:18PM by Lamb Saag [contact]

Top 10 Guitarist Mullets??

Hmm, seems about as relevant as The Drum Bakery's list of "10 Drummers Who Like Cats":

#9 - Posted 8/15/11 @10:19AM by lerxstz [contact]

Why the mullet hate? I've never understood. (No I don't have a mullet). It's no worse than any other style. I have to laugh at the so-called hairstyles I see some kids with these days. Just cause some people decide their own hairstyle is better than those with mullets doesn't make them correct. You can find examples of people who look stupid with *any* hairstyle.
#8 - Posted 8/15/11 @10:18AM by rushgirl1065 [contact]

#'s 3, 4, and 7, that is so true!! If that is a mullet, it is the sexiest one I have ever seen!! Alex always looks good!!
#7 - Posted 8/15/11 @8:43AM by mommy_of_zuzu [contact]

Alex's hair always has been and IS beautiful. He is beautiful.

And Ged had a mulletier mullet. Alex's baby fine hair never held up under styling products.
#6 - Posted 8/15/11 @2:35AM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

Alex never sported a mullet !!!
Now Bubba Ray Cyborg, thats a different story...
#5 - Posted 8/14/11 @8:08PM by RushFanForever [contact]

In the 2003 Jon Collins biography of British prog rock band Marillion titled 'Separated Out' - there are a few passages related to Marillion's stints as an opening act for Rush back in the 80's. Here's one from a sidebar titled "Rush Unplugged":

Marillion and Rush went out for a meal one evening. Halfway through the meal, Fish whispered to his own band, 'I think Alex Lifeson has had a plug job! Hang on, I'll ask him... Excuse me Alex, have you had a plug job?" Indeed he had benefited from a hair transplant, and he very kindly discussed it with Mark and Fish, both of whom were becoming a little thin up top!

#4 - Posted 8/14/11 @7:20PM by bittersweetbundleofmisery [contact]

He looks so sexy all the time, though, hehe. (:

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