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New Neil Peart instructional DVD Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance to release October 14th
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According to Music Dipatch, Neil Peart's new instructional DVD - which he'd first mentioned in his February, 2011 news update at - is titled Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance and will be released on October 14th, 2011. From

... The theme for our next collaboration seemed obvious: live performance, preparing for it and surviving it. In early 2010 we began collecting material, now augmented by a new member of the Hudson Music team, Joe Bergamini. ... In April, 2010, the Hudson Music crew joined me at Drum Channel in Oxnard, California, and filmed several days of my rehearsals for the Time Machine tour. In July they filmed an entire Rush show, in Saratoga Springs, New York, with supplementary "drum-cams" on me. They also captured the soundcheck and pre-show warmup, when I did a bit of talking to the camera, as I had during the Drum Channel filming in April. However, we would need to shoot some more "talkie bits" to go before each of the songs from the live show, explaining about special problems or challenges in a particular song, and technical highlights. ...

The product description reads as follows:

Filmed in various locations over the course of a year, Neil Peart takes you on a behind-the-scenes look at Rush's 2010-11 Time Machine tour. This includes rare and exclusive footage of Neil's personal pre-tour rehearsals and backstage events at a Rush concert (including a visit to the soundcheck, and an unprecedented backstage interview as Neil warms up for the show). Neil also presents a detailed look at every single song in the tour's set list. Each song features analysis and demonstrations by Neil, which are coupled with a detailed PDF eBook containing transcription of his parts. At the end of each song discussion, the viewer is transported onstage to a Rush concert to see the actual live performance of the song from the perspective of the drum cameras only. 6 hours, 40 minutes.

The cover depicts a photo of Neil Peart throwing a drum stick up in the air which you can check out here. At the time of the update he'd also launched a website for the book at, but the content has yet to be updated; it has only a photo along with links to a Facebook page and Twitter feed (neither of which have been updated recently).



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#18 - Posted 8/4/11 @8:57AM by mommy_of_zuzu [contact]

OMG - I think that's the show I was at! Now I'm really excited!
#17 - Posted 8/2/11 @11:39AM by A-CELL-OF-AWARENESS [contact]

'wellweatheredleather' neat name! i hope he considers it for the next tour, but very unlikely i hate to say. they could even title it 'A NIGHT AT THE IMPROV' ha ha ha.
#16 - Posted 8/2/11 @10:52AM by snowdog2113 [contact]

I started playing guitar because of Alex around 25 years ago and as one of the biggest Alex fans around I would also love a full instructional dvd but it will never happen. First of all, he's already done it to a limited degree. He's made instructional videos for individual songs for ivideotunes (which I have) and also done another similar project (for the Mac from what I recall, I haven't seen these). But Alex is simply not the type of player to do any sort of in depth lessons. He does have great ability but he's really not a "schooled" player and mostly plays from the hip in a very instinctive way. It's not really teachable in any meaningful way. I guess he could talk about equipment and gear but again, he's already done quite a bit of that over the last several years, most of which you can still find on youtube. I do think a whole Alex dvd would entertaining as hell, though. On kind of a similar note, Eddie Van Halen is (I think) unquestionably the most influential player of the last 35 years or so and huge numbers of players have tried to learn how he does what he does. And yet a EVH instructional video would be almost worthless aside from the unintended humor. "Uh... well.. I just kind of do this..[plays something I can't play] and then sometimes I do this....[plays soemthing I can't play] and then other times I kind of do this....[plays something I can't play]". Ok, great Ed, thanks. Sometimes the people who are really great at things make the worst teachers.

In the meantime, I'm really excited about Neil's new dvd. Even though I'm a guitarist I own all of Neil's dvds, even the hockey theme one, and it's almost like we're getting 2 complete Time Machine tour dvds. Awesome!
#15 - Posted 8/2/11 @10:02AM by musicofthespheres [contact]

i'm sure he/they will profit from this, but it seems like a generous effort by Neil. Each song of the setlist in detail... pretty damn awesome!

do hope they have Andrew M in the studio w. them again, and include a making-of CA. That S&A MVI is probably the Rush product I would bring to a desert island if allowed just one.
#14 - Posted 8/2/11 @8:22AM by AndyV [contact]

Available for pre-order on Amazon: link
#13 - Posted 8/2/11 @8:08AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

Cell, great idea. I think Alex would make a DVD like this so informative and yet with his sense of humour it would be really fun to watch also. Shall we start a petition for "learning with Lerxst"? Do Neil's release dates come out on time or do they get pushed back like everything else? Does Oct.14th really mean Dec.14th? Oh well this one and Cleveland will (hopefully) be under the tree!!
#12 - Posted 8/2/11 @4:56AM by oldprogrockfan [contact]

6 hours and 40 min long, how will I get the wife out of the room for so long?

Old prog rock fan.
#11 - Posted 8/2/11 @2:17AM by wellweatheredleather [contact]

@A-CELL...: Great Idea. I would love to see instructional vids from both Ged and Alex. Even if it's just a gear vid, or a before show prep vid, it would be worth the price. If they're already out, could someone let me know?
#10 - Posted 8/1/11 @9:54PM by RushFanForever [contact]

The 'Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance' DVD to me is the companion piece to the 'Rush Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland' DVD.
#9 - Posted 8/1/11 @9:09PM by A-CELL-OF-AWARENESS [contact]

YouTube'ers eat your hearts out!!! WOW!!

OK, OK, OK, OK, OK....

now someone tell A-L-E-X what a GREAT IDEA this is and how COOL it would, a'hem, er, uhhh, uuh, sniff... WILL BE when he does the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

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