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Audio Fidelity to release limited edition 24 Karat Gold CD version of Roll the Bones
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UPDATE - 6/13@9:23PM: Reader Hugh A contacted Audio Fidelity and was told that the Roll the Bones Gold CD would be released on July 19th, and that there would be more Rush releases coming.

Roll the Bones Gold CDAudio Fidelity has announced that they will soon be releasing a limited edition 24 Karat Gold CD version of Rush's Roll the Bones. It's listed as coming soon although no exact release date has yet been given, and it will retail for $29.99. This will be the first Rush release from Audio Fidelity although another company - Mobile Fidelity - has previously released limited edition Gold CD versions of 4 other Rush albums; 2112, Moving Pictures, Signals and most recently Permanent Waves. Thanks to Rush Didact for the heads up.



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#66 - Posted 6/18/11 @11:23PM by Sibelius41 [contact]

Interestingly, the pics for this release say nothing about using the original master tapes. My Yes 90125 Audio Fidelity disc states in bold letters on the upper right cover that is has been remastered from the original master tapes. RTB has probably been done from a copy, unfortunately.
#65 - Posted 6/17/11 @6:28AM by Morphiaflow [contact]

I actually have nothing bad whatsoever to say about the actual mastering process from MoFi. I know they are pros and dedicated to their purpose and I fully support that (though I think most of the efforts have been since made redundant by official remastering campaigns). As for the gold disc myths, I stand by my story. I spent most of the 90s working at record stores. For a time I managed an indie CD store with a fantastic stock of new and used CDs. My audiophile friend/coworker and I would spend hours A/B-ing different versions of the same releases, both from our own collections and those from the store's stock. Consistently, we found the gold CDs to be less than impressive. The Wall, for example--while the MoFi edition IS an improvement on the 80s Columbia release, it is blown away by the 92 and 97 Sony remasters. As for the Rush releases, I'd snapped up the gold MoFi 2112 and Moving Pictures, under the impression that they were definitive and ultimate editions, but I frankly found the Polygram 97 reissues to be sonically superior. (I love the new MP anniversary release, and I look forward to the upgrades of the rest of the catalog.) I sold my Gold CD's during a lean period and I've never missed them ever since, except as a completist collector. And I really think we live in an age now where such things are irrelevant. (And certainly...the company doing the RTB release isn't even Mobile Fidelity, AND there's an official band-endorsed remastering coming down the pike, so--what's the point? And WHY RTB, for cripes' sake?)

OK, rant concluded, for anyone who cares.
#64 - Posted 6/17/11 @3:50AM by freewilly [contact]

"the sonic superiority of gold discs is an absolute myth meant to sell more CDs."

Well, I disagree, but not because the Mobile Fidelity releases were gold material but because the work they put in making an extraordinary remaster built from master tapes and using their special techniques truly did something to the sound, compare especially their 2112 and Permanent Waves releases to their original, Rush Remasters and also the Japanese SHM equivalents!
There is a BIG difference.
#63 - Posted 6/16/11 @11:12AM by More Evil Twin of ByTor

@ #62 - God, I remember when Show Me Don't Tell Me came out ... I was so pumped, because I *loved* (and still love) that main riff. Stop/start, hit-you-upside-the-head rhythm - I thought it was a total rebirth of the band, in one tune. The band I was in at the time immediately covered it. Even though the Presto album isn't my favorite, your recollection of that tune blowing your face off brought back that great memory!
#62 - Posted 6/16/11 @12:54AM by Presto [contact]

while i agree the sound on presto is thin, i looove the music, the synthesizers on it, the vibe, i dont know, that album just hits me. alil more thickness and warmth would have done amazing things for the album i agree. i remember first hearing show dont tell and having my face blown off. the pass is just incredibly moving, and the title track is one of the most beautiful, overlooked songs in their catalog. was so glad to hear it on time machine tour...available light..ahh.. oh yeah, red tide, also one of the most rocking overlooked songs.....

looove hold your fire too... mission, second nature, force 10, time stand still, open secrets, prime mover.. id probably say the same thing as presto, i love all the playing on it, but would agree it too needed some...well..balls lol in the mix. but even though the sound is a bit soft, good god are they ripping on their instruments. these albums are probably the lightest heavy music ever haha....seriously, though, hold your fire is regarded as a lighter album, but holy crap the bass lines, drums, guitars all individually are RIPPING on alot of it.

its weird cause i love heavy music - pantera, fear factory, crowbar, a whole bunch of others...but for some reason i really gravitate to synthesizer era rush (i love all their phases of music) power windows, gup etc.... 1980-90

if taken to task though, id probably say permanent waves is overall my favorite sounding rush album. the upfrontness and clarity of that album. the sound is right on top of the speaker. its the ultimate, true power trio sounding album :P (in my humble opinion)

#61 - Posted 6/15/11 @10:45PM by RushTabConVideo [contact]

The Audio Fidelity site says the 24 Karat Gold release is Mastered by Kevin Gray. RTB was mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk NYC and the Atlantic "The Rush remasters" edition was remastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland ME.

So this new release is another remaster if the information of the Audio Fidelity site is correct.

I'll buy it and would suggest Presto as the next in line please.
#60 - Posted 6/15/11 @7:17PM by Morphiaflow [contact]

Really? 20 years later and there are STILL people annoyed by the rap? There's more in this world than white people and mullets and prog rock, and the boys in Rush--whom we all adore and respect--clearly have a much, MUCH broader worldview and range of sympathies and interests than so many of their so-called fans do. Seriously, people, get over it. It's 2011. Rap is a fact. It has its own grammy category and has been recognized as a valid form by, well, pretty much everyone except those of you who keep bitching about a 45 second piece of one song by your favorite white Canadian rock band. Who are themselves fans of rap.

As for the news of a gold edition of RTB...well, the sonic superiority of gold discs is an absolute myth meant to sell more CDs. Of all the albums in the RUSH catalgo, the highly underrated Hine records are probably most due for a sonic upgrade and overhaul; but between the two, I'd pick PRESTO (my absolute favorite album by anyone, period, and it seemed so organic, acoustic and lush and such a step forward into the 90s), over RTB (which really seemed a step *backwards* into the 80s and Hine's overproduced and dated-sounding work for other artists, though it was quality and state of the art for the time).

In any case, I'm sure it will be an improvement. But I'm hopeful that PRESTO will follow--and/or that the official RUSH remastering program will soon include ALL of their catalog, including the Presto-Vapor Trails era.

Let the flaming begin.
#59 - Posted 6/15/11 @5:21PM by randyferron [contact]

#58 - Posted 6/15/11 @1:38AM by LedRush [contact]

Thanks, Freewilly. So, does everyone agree that except for Moving Pictures the gold CDs are the best, and for everything else I should for the remasters?
#57 - Posted 6/14/11 @8:32PM by zivo612 [contact]

WHAT? You mean Roll The Bones Suxx?? Damn I wish I had know that long before now so I would not have enjoyed listening to it all these years!! Man I sure hope Hemispheres Doesn't suck or I don't know what i will do?? ;)

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