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Rush reference on season 2 finale of FX's Archer
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In my Friday updates post last week I'd mentioned that there was a Rush reference on the latest episode of FX's Archer. It seems as though several folks missed it since I'm continuing to receive emails about it. There's also more to the reference than I had initially described, so I thought I'd put up a separate post with all the details. The reference occurred in episode 13 of season 2 - Double Trouble - which was the season finale and aired last Thursday, April 21st. Here's the official episode synopsis:

Krieger works to finish a top-secret project, and Archer brings a mysterious former KGB agent named Katya Kazanova home to meet Malory, unaware that Barry Dillon is heading his way to kill him.

Early in the episode Dr. Krieger is trying to impress Katya and mentions listening to Rush's Red Barchetta through his awesome van's stereo system and says to Katya, Please tell me you like Rush. Later in the episode we get a look at the actual van when the ISIS group pulls up in it. The van has a huge mural painted on the side which says Exit ... Van Left and depicts Doctor Kreiger peeking behind the curtain to a stage, mimicking the cover of Rush's Exit ... Stage Left (see the screenshot here). You can watch the episode's trailer here. The full episode is not yet online but should be in the near future.



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#6 - Posted 4/26/11 @12:10PM by onelittlevictory [contact]

Sure is slow around here. Some observations from the first leg of the Time Machine Tour. I'll call it the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good: Rush is playing better then ever. The quality of play and the interaction between the 3 great musicians and the audience is admirable. The crowds have been enthusiastic and prove that Rush fans are the most loyal fans in music.

The Bad: Complaining about the same set list is getting old. Rush plays what they want and it made sense to keep the Time Machine intact. Sure it would have been a treat to hear some new selections but, it's Rush, to see and hear them play is a treat.

Some fans at the shows seem to be more interested in taking pictures then anything else. While it is nice to get a few shots for the memory, some fans seem to be pointing cameras at the band endlessly. I'm not sure watching Rush through a camera would be so great.

"Fans" sitting down is just weak.

The Ugly: A few fans are feeding into the myth that Rush fans are nerdy and weird. I have noticed an uncomfortable and painful to watch obsession especially with Geddy Lee. It seems odd that a grown woman would fawn over Geddy as if he wasn't a long time, happily married man. I would expect young school girls to profess to get to see "da Beiber" perhaps, but not the great Geddy Lee. I know Geddy would see this adulation as just plain weird. To witness a women fan licking a water bottle that she some how got presumably from Geddy's mic stand while screaming to the remaining crowd, was a disgusting and embarrassing sight to see! Please tone it down.

RED ALERT: the ticket situation is getting out of hand. It is hard enough to get a good seat at face value, it is worse when brokers and ebay sellers are ripping off Rush fans. A recent check on ebay saw a seller called "a cell- of-awareness" with 20 listings gouging fans with inflated prices. Please tell me that it is not the same person who posts on here so frequently! These sellers are the worst type of Rush "fans" I can imagine! They scoop up many good seats from real fans and sell them for their own profit! Making money off the band they profess to love= shameful!

Rush is the best.

Most Rush fans are great.

Some give us all a tainted reputation.
#5 - Posted 4/26/11 @11:07AM by CCH [contact]

I think it is like they said in the doc., Rush fans are now in positions of influence. So, Rush fans are now cool and they are expressing their love for the band.
#4 - Posted 4/25/11 @9:27PM by TheHonestMan [contact]

Archer is made by the same guys who created Frisky Dingo. There was a RUSH reference in that show, too.
#3 - Posted 4/25/11 @6:28PM by zybraman [contact]

#3 Behold The Power of Three!!!! Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk......
#2 - Posted 4/25/11 @4:19PM by inturmoil [contact]

When did Rush become cool? How did this happen???
#1 - Posted 4/25/11 @10:22AM by goto11 [contact]

Archer is the best. It was fun to see two of my favorite things combined like that.

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