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Rush 2011 Time Machine Tour: Cleveland open thread
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UPDATE - 4/18@12:39PM: Here's yet another interview with Donna Halper from the lead-up to Friday's show.

UPDATE - 4/18@9:55AM: Here's a review from Cleveland's Scene magazine.

UPDATE - 4/17@12:10PM: Reader hermy managed to catch some video of Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen when they came out prior to the concert to announce that they'd be directing the filming of the live DVD.

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 4/17@10:13AM: Here's a much higher resolution version of the Rock Hall group photo thanks once again to Paul at The Canadian Music Scene.

UPDATE - 4/17@9:49AM: Here's a scan of the posted legal notice that was up at the Quicken Loans Arena Friday night (thanks Doug F):

Filming Notice:

By entering the premises at Quicken Loans Arena, 1 Center Court, Cleveland, OH, you automatically agree to be filmed for any and all media purposes known now or to be developed, into perpetuity, without compensation or acknowledgement .

Enjoy the show!

- Banger Films

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 4/16@11:37PM: Official photos are now posted at the Rush on the Road Photo Store website.

UPDATE - 4/16@10:28AM: Here's a story from WTAM on the Rock Hall gathering yesterday afternoon along with this photo gallery of the event.

UPDATE - 4/16@9:32AM: Here's the review from the Cleveland Plain Dealer (thanks timintey):

Rush was ready for its close-up in Cleveland. So were 14,000-plus overjoyed fans who packed The Q for a sold-out performance Friday night by their favorite three-headed rock monster. The show was filmed for an upcoming DVD release.... "Thank you, Cleveland, Ohio," a beaming Lee said at the end of the night. "Best! Audience! Ever! We appreciate it so much." The concert DVD could be out by the end of this year, Lee said in a recent interview. For now, as they say in Hollywood: That's a wrap!...

Here's a little write-up at the Banger Films website regarding the filming. And here's this Facebook gallery (thanks Sean) which has some good shots of all the various cameras used for filming throughout the show.

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 4/15@11:42PM: I just got back from the show and it was absolutely incredible. The sellout crowd was on fire right from the start. The big news is that Rush documentary filmmakers Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen came out and addressed the crowd before the show, announcing that they would be directing the filming of the live DVD. There were cameras everywhere including an e-blimp flying around the crowd. I spotted Donna Halper (and gave her a hug), Pegi Cecconi of Anthem and Rush's manager Ray Danniels.

UPDATE - 4/15@4:46PM: Here's the photo of the Rush fan gathering at the Rock Hall courtesy Paul from The Canadian Music Scene.

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 4/15@4:25PM: I just got back from the Rock Hall gathering and am happy to report that it was a huge success. The weather was great (a little chilly but sunny) and there were around probably 200 enthusiastic Rush fans in attendance, all wearing their Rush paraphernalia and holding a variety of Rush banners, license plate and signs. The center of attention was organizer Todd Walterspaugh's large banner depicting the Rush Starman logo mooning the Rock Hall logo. I'm fairly sure that the Plain Dealer was reporting on it as well as local talk radio station WTAM. I hope to have some photos posted and/or linked soon, but for now here's one photo that pretty much sums things up (thanks Helen O).

Rush Time Machine Tour 2011Woah Yeah!! Cleveland will be caught in Rush's camera eye tonight as they bring the Time Machine Tour to town to film their first full-length live concert DVD in the US. The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a huge multi-article feature on Rush and tonight's show in today's edition including interviews with Geddy Lee and with Donna Halper. The Geddy Lee interview focuses on Rush and their history with the city of Cleveland and why they chose Cleveland to film the DVD, and Donna Halper discusses her role in the band's history. Donna will also be attending tonight's show as a special guest of the band. Geddy also gives the Plain Dealer a track-by-track breakdown of Moving Pictures in this article. And the newspaper also has a feature titled Why isn't Rush in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? where they speak with fan and riab reader Todd Walterspaugh, who is organizing a protest of sorts in front of the Rock Hall today at 3PM. Then there's also this preview article from Cleveland Scene magazine. It's gonna be a big night! There are multiple pre-show gatherings happening downtown before the show; if you are planning a gathering or attending one, please post details in the comments. To everybody going to the show, have fun, be safe, smile big for the cameras and make sure to share your reports, reviews, and photos with us.

Date/Time: Friday, April 15th @ 7:30PM
Show Number: 9
Venue: Quicken Loans Arena
Place: Cleveland, OH

gallery: [view] [upload] [YouTube videos]
reviews: [reviews]



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#174 - Posted 6/11/11 @5:35AM by SuperMegaUberGenius [contact]

for bubbawares and Van Gogh's best works happened during the last two years of his life. This was also the time when he cut off his left ear due to a breakdown with fellow artist Paul Gauguin. Van Gogh wrapped the ear in newspaper and gave it away to a prostitute.
#173 - Posted 6/11/11 @5:32AM by SuperMegaUberGenius [contact]

anyway, running the gamut on the t-shirt sales was Slowpoke clotworth esq

#172 - Posted 6/11/11 @5:08AM by SuperMegaUberGenius [contact]

passionated drunken pride makes me say nola show was smirkworthy, alex is a ham hock.

also reminds me of detroit when it snowed

also reminds me of factory town vs. party town

here comes flipper

the wash and breadth of the porpoises exhale

depth and width of purpose

wake and swirl of such a held on tale
#171 - Posted 5/21/11 @2:51PM by RIAB [contact]

RUSH Rocks!
#170 - Posted 4/21/11 @5:50PM by SA [contact]

I have been going to Rush shows since 1976 (68 total...Vegas will make 69), and I can honestly say that the crowd in Cleveland was into it like no other Rush show that I've been too...Congrats to all of us for I feel that this will make a fantastic DVD. As for the Presto glich, big deal! A little editing and a good crowd shot for those 3 seconds, and all will be right as rain. Little know fact for that night was Geddy was fighting a bad cold and was reported in the Detroit paper two days latter that he was just getting over it in Detroit....I guess he's allowed to be human and have a glitch or two during a performance. Good job guys, here's a toast to you and looking forward to Vegas!
#169 - Posted 4/20/11 @6:31PM by lapirata2 [contact]

Agreed 168,

This is a 5 second edit job.

-- Mohegan Rob
#168 - Posted 4/20/11 @5:22PM by Rob [contact]

I don't see the blip in Presto ruining the DVD....some basic editing on the audio and some distance shots on the video...and bang...mistake gone.

I wouldn't be surprised if they leave it alone.....I think the band has learned to live with some imperfections.

The rest of the show was spot on.
#167 - Posted 4/20/11 @12:30PM by Geddimus Prime

Sorry Folks, I am a 30 show veteran so I know from whence I speak just like any of you. Of course Rush on their worst day is better than anybody out there but from their standards I just feel like it wasn't their best show. If you've read any of Neil's books, you have to know they themselves have these very conversations after the shows. Neil felt Frankfurt in 04 was a bad show for him from the start. And to the comment about having to hear it like studio - what are you talking about? Presto simply went bad during the solo. This is not a change. It was a major brain fart on Geddy's part and they are going to have to deal with in the editing. Should be interesting. They finished well so perhaps they can save it. With all this said, I will be getting the dvd and enjoying over and over for the rest of my silly little life.
#166 - Posted 4/20/11 @11:17AM by Agent Rush.v2 [contact]

why does everyone have to hear the songs played just like they hear them in their car or at home.

I say...who cares if they had a note or two backwards or off's live people!! It was a great show that will go down in history as my #1 show ever.
#165 - Posted 4/20/11 @11:10AM by Agent Rush.v2 [contact]

#151..were you awake for the show or busy checking out the abundance of RUSH chicks? LOL

I've been to over 50 shows over the years...they were on fire that night with extra rocket sauce overflowing as Lance as put it so many times already.

you must be joking.

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