Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rush question on Jeopardy! last night
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UPDATE - 2/1@9:09AM: And here's the video (thanks RushFanForever). The only downside is that Alex Trebek mispronounced Peart. :)

Rush on Jeopardy!One of the categories on last night's episode of the American quiz show Jeopardy! was Music From Canada, and Rush was the subject of the $1000 question:

This "Fly By Night" power trio formed in Toronto in 1968; Neil Peart joined in '74 (cue the drum solo)

The contestant - a paralegal housewife in her 40s - answered the question correctly. Thanks to TSawyer for the heads up and Dave for the screenshot.



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#23 - Posted 2/2/11 @4:32PM by theanalogkid [contact]

#22 - Posted 2/2/11 @4:31PM by theanalogkid [contact]

So I'm sitting there watching Jeopardy with my kids and I see The Music of Canada category and say to them, "Rush better be the answer to one of these!" The paralegal kept going for the category but every time it was somebody else's turn, they'd choose something else.

Finally, they get to the last question and of course it's Rush. "Pert" (Trebek should be ashamed of himself---he's so proud about letting everybody know he's Canadian, and then he screws up the pronunciation of one of his country's greatest musicians).
#21 - Posted 2/2/11 @10:24AM by Thoughtful Eyes [contact]

#12 - EXACTLY... that Trebek guy always acting all smug with the answers on his cards and then a HUGE swing and a miss (quite grandly too) with that softball? BEH *grumbling* never liked that guy anyway...shame on you Mr. Trebek, some Canuck YOU are... sheeesh
#20 - Posted 2/2/11 @9:06AM by A-CELL-OF-AWARENESS [contact]

#18 theprof2112 - i don';t even watch the show ever but something about this question and answer is very very familiar sounding. either that or some of us have deja vu!! personally, i usually get the george carlin version... vu ja de... the strange peculiar feeling none of this has ever happened before!
#19 - Posted 2/1/11 @6:45PM by cameraeye1961 [contact]

#18 Yeah, I remember a Rush answer on the show from about 25 years ago. I don't remember the category or the exact answer, but it involved 2112. I also remember that no one buzzed in. LOL
#18 - Posted 2/1/11 @5:18PM by theProf2112 [contact]

I saw one years ago with them. I THINK it was the same one. Maybe they just recycle the answers- or topics???
#17 - Posted 2/1/11 @3:46PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

WOWZA! Rush is truely popping up everywhere these days....Definitely thanks to all the Rush fans that are now in positions of power within the media ;-)

#16 - Posted 2/1/11 @12:28PM by RushFanForever [contact]

I have an uncle whose last name is Peart (no relation to Neil). Growing up as a kid it was obvious as to how the name was pronounced correctly, and not just because I am Canadian either.

I would feel odd if I gave my uncle a call and asked a guest at the house that answered the phone on his behalf with the following:

'Hello is this W Peart (I would say 'Pert' like in Pert Plus shampoo). I would feel very stupid and embarrassed.
#15 - Posted 2/1/11 @12:08PM by rushisaband [contact]

#14 - I didn't see the show either. And the first person who told me about it said she was a housewife- then I later heard she was a paralegal. Who knows? Maybe she's both..and a rocket scientist/surgeon to boot. :)
#14 - Posted 2/1/11 @12:03PM by iluvgeddy05 [contact]

Confused: A paralegal knew the answer to a Rush question and then housewife is written in crossed out next to it? I didn't see the show but lets give her some more credit!

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