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Alex Lifeson working as producer with the David Barrett Trio
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David BarrettDavid Barrett is an accomplished, Toronto-based guitarist who has played with some of the biggest names in Canadian music, produced several solo albums, and composed music for film and television. In recent years he's played lead guitar with The Classic Albums Live series, was the Director Of Special Events at The Toronto Fingerstyle Guitar Association, and is currently a coach at The League Of Rock. He also recently formed the David Barrett Trio with Sascha Tukatsch and Jason Farrar and has recorded a few tunes with the help of his friend and mentor Alex Lifeson. From a recent post on Barrett's blog:

Exactly a year ago, I played my new solo album The Dead Arm for guitar hero and mentor Alex Lifeson. He liked it and mentioned that maybe we should consider doing something together in the future. I agreed. He advised me to write a ton of music which we would then later sift through and pick the best tunes to develop. His other advice was to include some other musicians to further develop the songs. I asked Sascha Tukatsch to play drums and Jason Farrar to play bass. We arranged the music and worked really hard on it. Their contributions and enthusiasm have been truly outstanding! After the Rush Time Machine tour ended and Big Al was rested, we went into his studio and recorded three tunes: Hollowbody, Sonar, and Disappearance. Rich Chycki engineered. Rich produced my first solo album back in 1995, everything I've learned about recording I've learned from Rich, I don't think there's anyone better. And Big Al's approach to arranging, performance, and production was truly illuminating. We also had a lot of laughs in the studio, more than I can remember on any sessions I've ever done. We've finished these three and will release them soon, once we figure out the details. I just wanted to let everyone know that we've got some new music ready to be released and that we're very excited about the whole thing!



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#56 - Posted 1/17/11 @2:07PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

Repost: The 92.3 KGON concert announcement this morning was Robert Plant and Band of Joy in concert...Which goes along with my thinking that the Rush concert announcement should be Monday, January 24th for us here in Portland, OR! Fingers are crossed.....Man, they are doing a great job of keeping the cat in the bag this time around...

#55 - Posted 1/14/11 @7:26AM by A Lerxst in Dutch Wonderland [contact]

Hey Lance, maybe all three dolls could grace the stage at Club Xanadu this year? That is if you can keep Kelly and Petie away from them long enough.
#54 - Posted 1/14/11 @12:17AM by LanceTheShred [contact]

#51 JTR man-I hope you are right man! The last time I heard an announcement like that on the radio, the surprise ended up being the U2 hitting Baltimore in June 2011. Good luck and let us know!

#52 Rocman!! So you finally decided to grace us with your presence? I thought maybe you were deverting back into a field rat or something........;) On a serious note, the Geddy doll rocks and was one of the RADest gifts I've ever received. The detail on the dude is unreal. Your girl totally rocks! Mrdriven and I look forward to the hospitality in your neck of the woods come March 30th for the Lauderdale show. A gargantuan Rush on to you my friend!
#53 - Posted 1/13/11 @11:44PM by managainstthemasses [contact]

I think they would agree with sb1070.A country can enforce laws the way they see fit, to stay strong,I can't see them disagreeing with that.
#52 - Posted 1/13/11 @9:21PM by rocinante5m [contact]

Hermy, i'm sending you all medical bills from the pain in my stomach, cramps on my face and any x-rays needed after falling off my chair.........Freakin hilarious!!!! I thought the comment before about France's ripped bi-ceps was funny, then i saw your post and that pic and i hit the floor......

Don't worry France, we know the Hulkster's got nothing on can still launch off the top rope brother!!!

***Shameless Plug**** yes, my girlfriend made the Geddy Doll that SirLance is playing with....all handmade, down to the clothes, glasses and bass...if anyone is interested let me know......Al and Neil are being developed as well....
#51 - Posted 1/13/11 @6:34PM by JohnnyTRacer [contact]

SWEET NEWS!! I am reading between the lines here, BUT 92.3 KGON here in Portland, OR just sent me an E-mail about a concert announcement on 1-17-11 and a huge concert announcement on Monday 1-24-11! I think Rush IS comming to Portland, OR for a tour stop to be announced on the 24th!! One of the DJ's there is a huge Rush fan and they often put little clues in their E-mails and on-air announcements. Here is the cut-and-paste:

"We're still early in the new year, but concert season is already ramping up. Tune in on Monday morning, 1/17 at 7am for our first concert announcement, and again on Monday morning, 1/24 at 7am for our second HUGE announcement. We'll have two Workforce Member pre-sales and a chance for you to win tickets before you can buy 'em! 92.3 KGON, your concert ticket connection. Rock on!

Thanks for listening to 92.3 KGON, and be sure you're planted next to your radio Monday morning, 1/17 at 7am for our first concert announcement. You'll want to rush out and get your tickets during the upcoming KGON Workforce Member pre-sale!"

READY TO "RUSH OUT" in order to RUSH ON!!!
#50 - Posted 1/13/11 @5:38PM by limelighter [contact]

sorry about that. the radio did say banned though. just editing the word or words is alright. thanks for the clarification
#49 - Posted 1/13/11 @5:27PM by rushrulez [contact]

#48 Not banned, they just have to play the edited version without "Fagot" in it because it could offend people today, and it didn't apparently when the song was written. MK is an awesome guitar player.

#43- I guess this means no Xanadu this leg?
#48 - Posted 1/13/11 @5:22PM by limelighter [contact]

by the way, off topic, my apologizes, money for nothing by the dire straits has been banned from radio all across canada because of their lyrics. why now after a few decades? great song, excellent riffs. stupid idea to do it.
#47 - Posted 1/13/11 @5:19PM by limelighter [contact]

geddy probably still has dreams, hopefully not nightmares because of the november 20, 1978 concert in tuscon, arizona. the stage almost collasped that night because of the nut crazed fans that RUSHed the stage. Terrible tragedy if it happened. geddy freaked and told the audience to settle down or else they would stop the concert. is that why they are not playing in zona? of course not. they deserve a show or two. i hope they get it.

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