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Rush wants Rand Paul Senate campaign to stop using its songs
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[Rock band Rush says Rand Paul campaign has no right to play its songs]

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how Tea Party candidate Rand Paul (son of Congressman and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul) had won the Republican Senatorial primary in Kentucky, causing a lot of buzz in the press. Paul happens to be a Rush fan and is known to play/quote Rush at his campaign rallies and use Rush music in his campaign videos. It seems that Rush's legal team has become aware of Rand's unauthorized use of Rush's music and have asked them to stop. From the Louisville Courier-Journal:

... the Paul campaign wasn't using the music with the band's permission, according to Rush's attorney, Robert Farmer.

Farmer, general counsel for the Anthem Entertainment Group Inc. in Toronto, which is Rush's record label, has sent a letter to Paul campaign officials informing them that they have violated copyright laws -- and urging them to stop.

"This is not a political issue -- this is a copyright issue," Farmer said in an interview. "We would do this no matter who it is."

Besides, all three members of Rush -- Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart -- are Canadians, not Americans, he pointed out. ...

... Farmer said his next legal step depends on the formal response he gets from the Paul campaign. Defendants in civil suits over copyright infringement can be subject to damages and fines. ...

Thanks to RammsteinSkins for the heads up.



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#111 - Posted 6/3/10 @2:15PM by rushisaband [contact]

I'm closing comments on this thread. Please don't continue the discussion on any other threads. Thanks.
#110 - Posted 6/3/10 @2:11PM by Willowdale

#109 At the end of the day all you did was kill other human beings. Nothing to be so proud of dude. Get over yourself.
Your just a puppet that was used by by your government.Nothing new!!!
#109 - Posted 6/3/10 @2:00PM by Wool [contact]

I thank you for your service, BUT.....

Veterans understand what we have fought for and keep fighting for. We don't need your "BUT". Many of my buddies died for Freedom that you don't appreciate or understand. The right to spew hatred and disrespect in free speech is somthing that I and many others paid for AND SOME WITH THEIR BLOOD.


I have the same right to appreciate and respect that Freedom that I helped earn.

I will fight for it till death. What are you loyal to till death?
#108 - Posted 6/3/10 @1:37PM by doug.baker [contact]

A couple comments:

First, I think that part of being a libertarian is not just to demand that other respect your own rights (intellectual and property, in a Ayn Rand philosophical system), but that in turn demands a reciprical ** responsibility ** to respect others rights as well. Given that Rand Paul repeatedly and often used Rush's music without permission, and therefore demonstrated a lack of respect for their intellectual and property rights, he not only poked a finger in the eye of Rush, but also Ayn Rand.

Next, I know that 2112 is dedicated to the "genius of Ayn Rand," and I have no doubt about the authenticity of that statement, but it is important to recall that particular shoutout to Ms. Rand was nearly 35 years ago. Furthermore, they have have not done so again since that time. My sense is that the band is not waving a banner for some larger political, philosophical, or ideological cause, and I do not regard them as foot soldiers in such a movement. Rather, I think they were paying tribute to a monumental thinker of the 20th century who spoke of the dignity of the individual. After the "down the tubes tour," I bet they derived great strength from her tenents as they perservered.

However, I think that while Rush was influenced Ayn Rand, they have been influenced by many other artists and authors as well. Rand was very dismissive in her personal essays of people who were not ideologically similar to her. In contrast, I remember Geddy saying during a P/G Rockline interview, "Yes, I like Devo. I like them very much." Ha, that blew a questioner away -- for this guy it was like how could my prog rock heroes be interested in a new wave band, and Geddy was just like, "I like Devo." Rand thought the Fitzgeralds and Hemmingways were rubbish, and Neil has drawn lyrical inspiration from those authors (e.g. Losing It, The Big Money).

Next, while Rand ultimately placed her greatest faith in unfettered capitalism as the tool to express the nobility of Man, Neil seems to be dubious of the unhealthy power balance that massive wealth can create (e.g. The Spirit of Radio, The Big Money, Totem).

Do I know where exactly these guys fall on the political and philosophical map? No, I don't, and that makes their music exciting and challenging. I think that the guys are wonderfully complex and textured in their thinking and don't fall into a simple camp, one way or another. If it was really all about philosophy and politics, I think that they well might have left Canada for "the land of the free." Instead, they decided to keep living in and loving a country that has long had universal health care and all sorts of other stuff that the self-appointed American Lovers of Liberty think is a big sign of armageddon.

Ok, my lunch hour is over. These are some thoughts I've had for some time. Just one guys take on things.

#107 - Posted 6/3/10 @1:36PM by Wool [contact]

#92 At least I know who I am and what I believe. Your comment about me being ignorant proves my point exactly. You God haters have a rough life to live. Truth to you is relative. So, truth could be anything to you. Truth in reality is Jesus who is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. "The foolishness of man perverts his way, but his heart rages against the Lord". God is a good God. I'm sorry you don't know Him. He's really Awesome!!!

#102 Who is Beck and Hannity? I don't know them personally. One thing I do know...I know what's evil and what's good. The Good Lord gave me a conscience to know right from wrong. Also, I am a professor of History and have been for many years. What books are you reading? I know what socialism is as well as most of the -isms. China is a socialist nation...that is a fact, not an opinion. America is headed more toward Facism actually, but all are the same at the core.

But, I still say "it's really about the CHICKS"
#106 - Posted 6/3/10 @1:34PM by snowdog20 [contact]

Rush went off on Rand Paul? Could someone elaborate on that. I think I missed it
#105 - Posted 6/3/10 @1:29PM by tokyorush [contact]

Alerxst - not true...

From the ASCAP site: "
Copyright owners enjoy a number of different rights including performance rights, print rights and recording rights. Rental or purchase of sheet music or the purchase of a record does not authorize its public performance.


If you plan to hire your own musicians and singers and create an original recording of a copyrighted song, then you need the permission of only the music publisher."

Just FYI
#104 - Posted 6/3/10 @1:27PM by GeddyF [contact]

Rush may have the legal right, but why come down on Rand of all people? Makes no sense to me. Rand himself is mostly neutral in his politics. He constantly blames Democrats AND Republicans for our nation's problems and will not vote for an unbalanced budget from either party. Rand supersedes... See More party lines and really got his candidacy from the grass roots. This, coupled with his freedom and fiscally responsible message should make Rush proud, not enraged. Rand is not tying Rush to partisan politics. 95% of his positions are based on freedom and personal rights. Ironic that Rush would use their "personal rights" to deny Rand to promote that right to begin with. Totally backwards. I have thoroughly studied Rush and Rand Paul and they agree on so much it's ridiculous.

One more point -- maybe Rand could have asked permission first but he is not an establishment politician. Like Rush, his father is an outsider as it is. Rand probably didn't think it would be an issue because he is not sharpened and shrewd like most politicians. He probably assumed Rush would understand him, and be grateful, not go off on him.
#103 - Posted 6/3/10 @12:52PM by Tom [contact]

i think they are right irrespective of any political views they may hold, first and foremost musicians, and from my perspective, because of that, are not into dividing and alienating audiences as a role, and more into bringing loads of people together and having a good time i.e. a live show.

and besides, it's their song!
#102 - Posted 6/3/10 @12:50PM by gongbass

Well the USA has never had an economy based on true capitalism. Reagan (the father of the modern bailout, see S & L bailout, which we are still paying for) propagated capitalism yet put a system into place that simply favored corporations and the very rich. Reagan's deregulation has lead to the boom/bust
economy cycles that we'll likely continue through. Sadly Clinton was a pro Wall St. guy too and didn't do much to add transparency to the game. Hedge Funds are as anti capitalistic as they come. Huge buying firms able to sway the market in seconds and screw the average investor.

#88, I thank you for your service but the "democrats hate freedom" and "democrats hate America" is ignorant and had been worn out in the 2004 election. Democrats where the ones who pointed out that Iraq was a sham war that costs thousands of brave American soldiers lives and has only made us less safe.

For those that love to throw the term "socialism" around perhaps you actually pick up a book and read about actual socialism and not simply reiterate the baseless talking points of college drops outs Beck and Hannity.

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