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Rush Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame induction
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[Concerts On Demand: Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame 2010]

UPDATE - 4/1@4:16PM: RushFanForever got word from Alexisonfire's publicist regarding why their performance of Tom Sawyer was not included in the CBC broadcast and here's what they said:

Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties in recording the live feed of their performance. So the recorded version is not usable for broadcast :(

----- snip -----

UPDATE - 4/1@11:45AM: Jacob Moon has posted the last piece of his 3-part series describing his experience Sunday night to his website along with a bunch of great behind-the-scene photos with Rush. You can check it out at this link. And there's also this YouTube video of Moon rehearsing for his performance at last Sunday's Gala (thanks Tr1gger).

UPDATE - 3/30@9:32AM: Here's some more post-induction coverage from the Toronto Sun (thanks John H), and Jacob Moon has posted his own personal description of the event to the news page on his website (thanks Rob S) and also spoke about his version of Subdivisions in this radio interview (thanks RushFanForever).

UPDATE - 3/29@7:07PM: It looks like the CBC Radio 2 site has posted the entire ceremony to its Concerts on Demand page. No need to listen to the live broadcast of Canada Live. They have the entire show broken out into segments; just pick and choose or listen to the whole thing.

UPDATE - 3/29@3:44PM: REMINDER: The ceremony will air this evening at 7PM EST on CBC Radio 2 as a special presentation of Canada Live. You can listen online at this link.

UPDATE - 3/29@2:01PM: The Canadian Music Scene site posted a BUNCH of great behind-the-scenes photos from the cocktail reception dinner that was held for the inductees at the King Edward hotel in downtown Toronto last night prior to the Gala. You can check them out at this link (thanks RushFanForever).

UPDATE - 3/29@1:08PM: Here's a link to a Canadian Press video news story covering the event which includes an interview with Neil Peart (thanks hermy).

UPDATE - 3/29@11:04AM: Here's another article covering the event from the CTV website that includes a great photo of the guys on stage during the ceremony (thanks hermy).

UPDATE - 3/29@7:12AM: Here's some video of a CBC news story covering the event which includes a short interview with Scot McFadyen discussing the documentary. They include a few cool production stills from the film from early in Rush's career. Thanks to RushFanForever for the heads up.

UPDATE - 3/28@8:47PM: Even though the Gala just began less than an hour ago, has already published a post-induction article complete with a photo of the boys with their award (thanks random_sample).

This evening Rush will be inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame at the Hall's 6th annual Gala at the George Weston Recital Hall, Toronto Centre for the Arts. They will be recognized for their songs Limelight, Closer to the Heart, The Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer and Subdivisions. Over the past week all three band members have been hitting the interview circuit to discuss the band's induction. There's this CBC video interview with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, a Canadian Press interview with Neil Peart, an Alex Lifeson Toronto Globe and Mail interview, a JAM! Music interview with Neil Peart and the latest is this Toronto Star interview with Geddy Lee which seems to confirm Rush's expected tour that Alex Lifeson detailed in his Globe and Mail interview:

... Lee is in lockdown mode at the moment, writing and recording material for a new album (Rush's 20th studio opus) and rehearsing for a mini-tour that involves a special diet, daily workouts with a personal trainer, and the kind of intense spiritual and mental exercises only Olympic athletes understand. ...

Geddy also expresses some thoughts on the band's upcoming induction this evening:

... "Anytime your country honours you is important, it's huge," said Lee, adding that he feels he and his bandmates have often been overlooked as songwriters. "Not that winning awards is something we think about or discuss. We just try to keep moving forward ... it's not very often we get a chance to look back at what we've created. "It's humbling, frankly, to be joining a group that includes Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot and so many other great songwriters." ... "When you have a great lyric the music becomes a natural extension of the mood and content. The `music first' method is more difficult, but often more rewarding. It relies a lot on craftsmanship, and on the magic of musical inspiration and improvisation ... but the words have to match that special quality, and it's sometimes painstaking work to get that to happen." ... "I understand why no one covers our songs," Lee said. "They sound daunting. But, as Moon proved in his 'Subdivisions' video, most of the songs can be stripped back to their simplest form, and find a new life. "When we tried to write songs that are simple and uncomplicated, it didn't work. "One of our producers used to tell us, `You'd have a lot of hits if only someone else recorded them.' "

The performers at tonight's Gala will include Canadian folk singer/songwriter Jacob Moon doing his rendition of Subdivisions, Primus frontman Les Claypool will be playing The Spirit of Radio and Canadian hardcore rockers Alexisonfire will be covering Tom Sawyer. Speaking of covers, the Toronto Star article contained this interesting bit of information:

... word is out that Nelly Furtado is considering taking a crack at a popped-up version of Rush's "Time Stands Still." ...

Tickets are still available for tonight's Gala and can be purchased via ticketmaster at this link. There is a special offer for Rush fans; simply enter the pass code SONGS when requesting tickets and get a 20% discount. The ceremony will air on radio tomorrow at 7PM on CBC Radio 2 as a special presentation of Canada Live and at 4PM on Espace Musique. It also is being videotaped for a future TV broadcast.

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#151 - Posted 4/15/10 @5:26PM by waltzoftheshreves [contact]

Great thread... both nights were truely awesome and as already pointed out a multitude of times, justly deserved!

I was fortunate to be at the King Eddie hotel on the Saturday night to get the pics I did of the guys... only a handful of us there taking pics so I got Alex, Geddy, and Neil to smile and look right at me for some of the shots... snagged Ray before he could get away... Pegi and Heather (from FACTOR)... and of course Howard... pretty well all of SRO-Anthem were there but as asked I did not take pictures of everyone... great food and drink... Jacob is a great person and very talented and a great pic by the guys to perform in honour of them... Dave Bidini was excellent as well... two days/nights of many celebrating the best... and I even got some red carpet shots of RUSHGIRL whose eyes were closed because she had ten beer already (just kidding I think only one)... standing ovation would have been longer if we had more RUSH fans there but those of us that were there did our best to let them know how much we appreciate them... now it is everyone else's turn during the tour... Donna you're the best... Neil showed a great sense of homour that evening, first by pretending to walk away during the ovation and second with his speech and stories...
#150 - Posted 4/5/10 @11:02AM by RushFanForever [contact]

Here are another batch of photos from the 2010 Canadian Songwriters Hall Of Fame.


It is nice to see a couple of photos from Alexisonfire performing since there isn't any available elsewhere.
#149 - Posted 4/1/10 @8:02PM by Get up and go the distance [contact]

#147 - TMMB is correct. That is just the trailer for the induction ceremony. According to one announcement, it is "to be televised at a later date." I have e-mailed CBC to inquire as to when that will be, but have not yet received a response. No one will be able to post it until CBC releases the video.
#148 - Posted 3/31/10 @11:02PM by TMMB [contact]


I don't think that is from the actual ceremony. Just an announcement type trailer.

I would love and hope to see it posted somewhere in the not so distant future tho'.
#147 - Posted 3/31/10 @9:39PM by double-agent [contact]

Just found this on youtube link
Part of the Canandian Songwriter's Hall of Fame induction ceremony. No Rush but part of an introduction of them and parts of Jacob Moon doing "Subdivisions."

Now please someone post the rest!!
#146 - Posted 3/30/10 @11:36PM by losingit2112 [contact]

That last note in La Villa, hmmm. I guess it would be a great ender. A longer song should always be the closing song. I want to feel that last breath emotion for at LEAST 7 minutes. Anyone think I'm crazy to want Broon's Bane back? Even if it isn't with The Trees. Kinda like hope was on the last tour or something idk. It would just be so vintage.
#145 - Posted 3/30/10 @8:10PM by glortiz [contact]

119, 122 has it right. Thank you Donna! As always, you are a first class lady! Your contributions here, without question, are appreciated, loved and respected by all. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!

131, nice, very nice...

134, really nice...

137, I think the audience for the most part could really get into Scars now. We all know it from Neil's drum solos.

Their induction to the Songwriter's Hall of Fame validates them through and through. They don't need the one in Cleveland! Their joy can be seen in the stills that Ed posted, Neil, dapper, Alex, looking no different than if he were on stage, Geddy, knowing he has his Blah, Blah, Blah t-shirt on underneath his duds and Howard, baby! I am so happy for the boys! Well earned and deserved!

And this thread has been one of the most outstanding I have seen in quite some time! New and old posters alike!

Next year will be a rocket ride!
#144 - Posted 3/30/10 @7:37PM by ITheJury [contact]

Donna, I similarly bow in your direction! For those who haven't read all of Neil's books, Neil himself has spoken to your points. From "Roadshow":

"We had also learned to have fun together whenever we could, and to try to keep things light, so even the dumbest jokes were always welcome. (...)
Also, we had learned that *too much* familial closeness could create problems, and domestic dramas could affect the working relationship. So we had learned to balance our closeness with a certain necessary distance, and tended to keep a separation of home and work -- of church and state, as it were."

He's also spoken warmly about Alex. "Roadshow" pages 43 and 45:

"After thirty years of being as close as Alex and Geddy and I have necessarily been, it is still daunting to describe the two of them. Not that I don't know them well enough, but perhaps too well, like a long-married spouse asked to describe his life partner. Over the passing decades, our association had grown to be somewhere between a partnership and a marriage, a family and a fraternity, and our bonds had been forged in the crucibles of both joy and grief. I can't claim to have been such a great friend to either of them -- I am too solitary, independent, and self-involved -- but I certainly know what wonderful friends they have been too me. (In good times and bad, I have been blessed with so many really good friends. I don't know why, but I do appreciate it.)
(...) We were all counterpoints to each other in different ways (one intended meaning of our 1994 album title, Counterparts). Alex was the perfect balance to Geddy and me, musically and personally. So spontaneous, so ingenious, and so hilarious."

The "perfect balance" quote may be where the 'loser' joke in the acceptance speech comes from.

There are other complimentary quotes about Alex in Roadshow too.

And while I can't find the exact page and quote right now, I know in "Ghost Rider" Neil speaks of his visit with Alex in Santa Fe and calls him one of his best friends.
#143 - Posted 3/30/10 @6:36PM by Rush Fan Since 1976 [contact]

#95-Lol- for me it was 16 years old when I was turned on to Rush by a friend-been a fanatic ever since... I could not agree more... And I could not be prouder...
#132- Ms Halper - I bow in your general direction
Everybody else... Ain't we lucky to have this band in our lives?
#142 - Posted 3/30/10 @6:07PM by TMMB [contact]


I kinda think La Villa would be a GREAT closing song. I can hear that last note played and Geddy yelling " Thank YOU very much...GOOD NIGHT!!!"

It's fun to speculate...:)

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