Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Trailer Park Boys movie Countdown to Liquor Day featuring Alex Lifeson releases tomorrow in Canada
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[Trailer Park Boys take on new role]

In addition to his recent role in Suck, Alex Lifeson also has a cameo in the latest Trailer Park Boys movie - Countdown to Liquor Day - which premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival last Friday. The movie opens for theatrical release in Canada tomorrow. Alex plays a cross-dressing cop in the film as he described in a recent Prog interview. Lerxst also had a cameo as a cop in the first Trailer Park Boys movie and was heavily involved with the soundtrack for that film. This film is apparently the end of the road for The Trailer Park Boys. The trio discussed the movie and their future plans in this JAM! interview, including yet another possible Alex Lifeson collaboration:

So what's next for the boys?

How about a series called The Drunk And On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour?

The pilot -- "about a kids' show gone horribly wrong" -- is to shoot in the spring with, yes, Alex Lifeson in the cast.

As well, Tremblay, Wells and Smith say they're set to play six different roles each, "with a lot of heavy prosthetics," Tremblay said. ...

Thanks to RushFanForever for the heads up. Here's the film's trailer:



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#20 - Posted 9/30/09 @4:16PM by RushFanForever [contact]

Here is an interview with Trailer Park Boys director Mike Clattenburg, where he answers questions about Alex's role on the TV series and in the movies.

#19 - Posted 9/29/09 @12:07PM by xanadurush [contact]

That's hilarious! The big guy needs to get his Rush Belly ring on!! xox
#18 - Posted 9/25/09 @8:53AM by Rayzer2112 [contact]

Apparently Alex plays a drunk undercover cop posing as a trannie in a gay prostitute alley centered around a chip truck! Who comes up with this stuff? lol
#17 - Posted 9/25/09 @6:16AM by Rocinante [contact]

#16 yes. :)
#16 - Posted 9/25/09 @1:56AM by #1rushfan [contact]

Do they really allow all of the bad language to air on TV spots and theater previews like that??
#15 - Posted 9/24/09 @9:44PM by main monkey business [contact]

broughttoyoubytheletterj...#13...I couldn't say it any better myself...put that mutha on and crank it to "11"!!!!LOL
#14 - Posted 9/24/09 @9:09PM by rushrulez [contact]

From Nova Scotia, and all my school loves TPB. This will be what we are takling about for a while.
#13 - Posted 9/24/09 @7:51PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

ANTHEM F^*%#ING ROCK'S !!....that's all.
#12 - Posted 9/24/09 @5:50PM by Rob [contact]

Trailer park boys rules.....wish we could see this in the states.

Will just have to await the DVD
#11 - Posted 9/24/09 @3:22PM by katskahnne [contact]

#7 - None? Darn...::sulks::

#8 - No, the best line was Alex's response - "This is TOTALLY f---ing kidnapping!!"

This movie so needs to be shown here...

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