Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vertical Horizon's Burning the Days featuring Neil Peart released
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UPDATE - 9/22@12:22PM: Reader scott s points out that you can preview full versions of All Is Said And Done and Save Me From Myself along with extended samples (1 to 2 minutes long) of the other 10 songs at the Vertical Horizon website.

The new Vertical Horizon album Burning The Days, which features Neil Peart on 3 songs, releases today. Neil plays drums on the tracks Save Me From Myself, Even Now (which he also wrote the lyrics for) and Welcome to the Bottom. You can listen to Save Me From Myself at the band's MySpace page and Amazon has 30-second clips of all the songs available here. You can order your copy at this link.

Neil Peart first informed us about this side project in one of his News updates on his website back in 2006. Neil and Vertical Horizon frontman Matt Scannell had become friends when Neil moved to Los Angeles as Neil describes in his two most recent books Roadshow and Travelling Music. Matt describes Neil's involvement in this interview from back in 2007 and this article details why the album was delayed for such a long time.

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#15 - Posted 9/30/09 @9:20PM by dcd2112 [contact]

I am a little surprised that no one is discussing the lyrics for "Even Now". I think it's very out of character for Peart to be so direct and revealing in such a "pop" song kind of way. Very, very well done in every aspect, from the double meaning of the actual two words "even now" to the music and melody which really brackets the two meanings of "even now". If I had to bet as to who this song is about, I'd say that it is the first woman he dated in L.A. after the death of Jackie, but before meeting Carrie. He writes of that relationship in the Ghost Rider book, but it seems she must have contacted him some time later after their relationship ended and expressed a desire to see him again.
#14 - Posted 9/24/09 @6:25PM by musicofthespheres [contact]

i like the similarity of the band's name and "Ceiling Unlimited"
#13 - Posted 9/24/09 @11:35AM by AnotherPairOfEyes [contact]

the lyrics for "Even Now" are posted on the vertical horizon website

#12 - Posted 9/23/09 @11:43PM by Neil_Rulz [contact]

I picked the CD up and it sounds just like good ole' Vertical Horizon. If you like them you'll like the disc and if you don't, etc. I do like them so,,,

Here's the Allmusic link - link - nice things to say about Neil.

I agree with them. He does add to the tracks. A little "Rushness" does peek through but he's definitely playing different. It's kinda weird to hear someone else sing Neil's lyrics.
#11 - Posted 9/22/09 @3:49PM by GooseRider [contact]

I've never heard anything by Vertical Horizon but I'm most interested to hear the drums on these 3 tracks. Just got PT's new cd and S&A Live on Blu-Ray today so that'll keep me interested for a while!!
#10 - Posted 9/22/09 @1:36PM by broughttoyoubytheletterj [contact]

I think I'll watch Goldfinger...
#9 - Posted 9/22/09 @12:45PM by Rocinante [contact]

I'm not sold on a Vertical Horizons cd, I'll think I'll pass.
#8 - Posted 9/22/09 @11:58AM by Archimer [contact]

This is indeed a surprising musical diversion. I remember reading about Neil's friendship with Vertial Horizons, and the chatter about them collaborating.

It's amazing how flexible he is, to have Geddy and Alex tell him, "Alright, we wrote music to this, whaddaya' got?" then have the folks at Vertical Horizons say the do the same thing. From what I've heard, he delivers in both occasions, quite gracefully. It speaks volumes for this man's talent and versatility!
#7 - Posted 9/22/09 @11:36AM by hermy [contact]

The thing is that Neil has always been about "serving the music" His playing in Rush is amazing because the music is requires him to serve the songs on a very high level. He never steps out and jams over Ged and Alex. Remember Nick trying to get him to solo at the end of "Far Cry" Neil would have never done that on his own.

So even though 99% of his music is with Rush you can't pin him down to a style. He "served" Buddy Rich's band......he "served" Matt's band. In a very generic sense you could say he is the ultimate session drummer.

But hey...let's get back to reality. Get back in the studio!!!
#6 - Posted 9/22/09 @11:04AM by musicofthespheres [contact]


i remember that quote, and i think it speaks to the emotional content. images from Ghost Rider (the book) quickly popped into my head when i read/listened to that song. i love that comment.

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