Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Japanese Rush Mini-LP SHM-CDs now available
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[Rush SHM-CDs at Amazon]

UPDATE - 6/23@4:31PM: Here are some detailed images of the mini-lp artwork courtesy Eric at Power Windows and Jun'ya Suzuki of the Japanese Rush collector site The Sphere.

In a Friday updates post back in April I'd mentioned that Warner Music Japan would be reissuing Rush's first 12 studio albums as Mini-LP Super High Material CDs (SHM-CDs) in June. All 12 in addition to Retrospective 1 and Retrospective 2 are now available for purchase as an import through Amazon at this link. Although these are not remastered recordings, the SHM-CDs supposedly improve the original audio quality through the use of a special polycarbonate plastic and will play in any CD player. SHM-CDs feature improved transparency on the data side of the disc allowing for more accurate reading of CD data by the CD player laser head. The CDs are packaged as mini-lps in cardboard sleeves, faithfully reproducing the original LP's style and artwork. To purchase the Rush SHM-CDs and other Rush merchandise from Amazon, check out



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#22 - Posted 6/24/09 @8:25PM by RushFanForever [contact]

A close up of the Rush SHM-CD's that someone posted on the Counterparts Board.

#21 - Posted 6/24/09 @8:35AM by axe

I thought I,d add something more positive to the discussion... These SHM CDs are pointless, but if you can get your hands on the MFSL albums, now those are worth it. They are remasters of the original master tapes (unfortunately there are only 4 MFSL albums, 2112, PW, MP and Signals)
#20 - Posted 6/24/09 @6:45AM by rushbloom [contact]

WAs thinking of replacing my entire sound system but after puchasing the blue ray snakes and arrows dvd,my mind changed. The quality of both sound and video was unbelievable moreso sound. Just my opiion take it for what its worth . rush on
#19 - Posted 6/24/09 @6:20AM by freewilly [contact]

ps2 my comparison between VHS>dvd and dvd>blu-ray is not really a good one, I think, VHS>dvd was a more worthy and useful transition than dvd>blu-ray although fans of blu-ray will undoubtly disagree. I saw a blu-ray played on a full HD screen at my loval video rental and I was not that impressed.
#18 - Posted 6/24/09 @6:15AM by freewilly [contact]

ps I am bit cynical about some technology progression, especially when it seems the industry forces 'old' formats out of the market, of which I suspect blu-ray towards dvd. There may be freedom of choice and I'm supposedly not forced to turn over to blu-ray but I think at one point there will be no more new movies released on dvd, only on blu-ray. Okay, my old dvd's will still play on a blu-ray player, I just don't want to buy that blu-ray player... (hmm wasn't that the same thing I said about dvd when I was still busy with my VHS tapes?).
#17 - Posted 6/24/09 @6:05AM by freewilly [contact]

#14 yeah I think dvd-audio is like some say "the closest to analogue digital gets" I've never heard it but the dynamics should be thrilling and the analogue to digital convertion and resolution very accurate. But O well I'm still happy with my cd's. In this mp3 age they sound very good.
#16 - Posted 6/24/09 @5:04AM by dssnhopper [contact]

LOL, Lamb! Well said. The more that things change, the more they stay the same.
#15 - Posted 6/23/09 @11:15PM by Lamb Saag [contact]


Scene: In the doll section of a toy store

(Lisa Simpson): "People, can't you see it's the same Malibu Stacy?! It's just in different packaging?!"

(Smithers): "But she's got a new hat!"

(Crowd): "A NEW HAT!!" (stampede)
#14 - Posted 6/23/09 @10:41PM by alphatiger [contact]

What about DVD audio? It has 700 times the audio resolution? Too many formats = no formats.
#13 - Posted 6/23/09 @9:06PM by dssnhopper [contact]

I already have all of the Rush CDs. Quite honestly, I cannot fathom spending 40+ clams each, on something that my tired old ears probably won't be able to distinguish as different from what I already have.

That being said, I do like the novelty of it, but me thinks I should wait until the price goes down.

Peace and chicken grease to all.

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