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I Love You Man release open thread
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UPDATE - 3/21@8:00AM: RushFanForever alerts us about this clip where Paul Rudd and Jason Segal were interviewed back on March 5th to promote the film on MuchMusic and at the end of the interview a mystery caller by the name of Alex spoke with the guys. Yes - it was Lerxst. You can check out the video at this link.

Paul Rudd and Jason Segal continued to make the PR rounds this past week promoting their new film I Love You Man which is out today in theaters nationwide and had its red-carpet Hollywood premier on Tuesday where Geddy Lee and Neil Peart were in attendance. Here's a short video of the pair at the event along with a few images (see thumbnails):

Thanks to Sean for the video and images.

The movie is chock full of Rush references and music along with a cameo from the band, and has received rave reviews from critics. In just about every interview with the 2 co-stars the most talked about subject has been Rush; how they are both big fans and how it was to work with the band, as exemplified in this Austin American-Statesman article:

... Rudd and Segel were both somewhat nervous to work with other castmembers - namely, the gentlemen of the legendary prog-rock group Rush. "They're so mysterious," says Rudd, who was worried Geddy Lee and company would get tired of playing "Limelight" 40 takes in a row. If anyone knows what that was like, it was Rudd and Segel, who had to film their hysterical "Tom Sawyer' cover over two 14-hour days. "'Tom Sawyer' still haunts me a tiny bit," says Segel.

Most of the reviews have been very positive and never neglect to mention Rush as in this New York Times review (thanks naturalscience):

... Interest blooms into camaraderie when the men discover a mutual love of the band Rush, which, between this and its appearance last year on "The Colbert Report," is definitely riding a pop cultural wave. ...

Director John Hamburg also makes the following confession in this Toronto Sun article:

While on the surface, I Love You, Man is a comedy about the difficulty of finding male friends, writer-director John Hamburg confesses it's really just "a love letter" to legendary Canadian rock band Rush.

"Y'know, I'm not hiding anything with this," says Hamburg, who was in a Rush tribute band called Luv Rynos. "How many times do characters say 'Rush is the greatest band of all time!' or 'Can you believe that concert? They were amazing!' ...

Female co-star Rashida Jones even had something positive to say about Rush in this San Francisco Chronicle interview:

I had absolutely no experience or knowledge of Rush. I knew it existed - that was about it. That made it interesting for me. John Hamburg gave me a CD at the beginning of the movie. It was almost good, because I was supposed to be the outsider - and I was the outsider. I enjoyed the concert date. What do people call the band? Prog rock? The musicality seems pretty complicated, which makes it interesting listening in hour 11, listening to the same songs over and over again.

And in this audio interview at the Time Out Chicago blog (listen using the player below), Rudd and Segal gush over Rush for about 5 minutes.

The movie was even featured on VH1 Classic's That Metal Show last week as their movie pick of the week because of Rush's involvement. They interviewed the 2 co-stars and also showed a short clip from the movie where their characters are at a Rush show while the band jams out Limelight. You can check out the video here.

Geddy Lee also continued hitting the interview circuit this past week to promote Retrospective 3 as well as talk about Rush's involvement with the movie. You can check out a couple of radio interviews in this post and read his recent Entertainment Weekly feature interview here.

If you get a chance to see the movie, let us know what you think. I've also updated the site poll to ask you all what you think about Rush's involvement with the movie? Take the Poll and let us know. I'll have my regular Friday Updates and other random Rush stuff post up either later today or tomorrow morning.

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#66 - Posted 3/23/09 @1:09PM by mommy_of_zuzu [contact]

63 - Margo -
Hear, hear!
I really miss seeing Alex, though.

Well, my dear husband beats 'em all any day though ;-*
#65 - Posted 3/23/09 @7:01AM by RushFanForever [contact]

I don't think Geddy's fashion statement is really a problem. Maybe for these type of red carpet events, he isn't the type to wear a three piece suit, unless it is an induction ceremony (example The Order of Canada).

There are photos of Geddy from the 2005 Fashion Cares and Toronto Film Festival events where he isn't wearing a suit either. I don't think that makes him less cool for deviating from the norm, LOL.


#64 - Posted 3/23/09 @6:40AM by White haired uncle

I saw the movie, it was very funny with an original
story line.And I can't believe what i'm seeing,Neil
is walking on a red carpet,"thats a first".
#63 - Posted 3/23/09 @1:50AM by Margo [contact]

Neil in an Armani Suit?? TOTALLY AMAZING :) I love it. Damn he really looks sexy. And Axe, as for you complaining about Geddy's suit, is it that necessary to say that its not up to par? I would not have cared if he showed up in a potato sack, its GEDDY!! so how he is dressed should not be an issue!
#62 - Posted 3/21/09 @4:44PM by Kelly D [contact]

I think that if a song is sung in a movie, however poorly, credit must be given to its creators ;) and I thought that since Rush was playing a small gig at a club in the movie (something they probably couldn't ever do in real life) they could do "Fly by Night" too, eh?
#61 - Posted 3/21/09 @1:00PM by RushFanForever [contact]

I just thought of this now to add to my above comment:

Alex, Geddy and Neil individually do radio, television or newsprint as part of the whole band. Other times it is Alex and Geddy together and Neil on his own.

Despite the fact that Alex and Geddy grew up together as teenagers and live near one another, those two have a deeper brotherhood that is beyond the band. Neil emphasized this in the "Roadshow: Landscape With Drums, A Concert Tour By Motorcycle" book. So it is refreshing to see that it is not at times the predictable duo of Alex and Geddy on the promotional circuit, but instead it was Geddy and Neil on the red carpet for "I Love You Man". Or Alex and Neil may do Rush press together in the future.

I believe it will be rare that Alex, Geddy and Neil are together in the same room for an interview anymore. I don't think they have done that since the 1980 Permanent Waves bonus interview at Le Studio on the R30 DVD package.

With The Colbert Report, it would've felt odd if Alex and Geddy were there being interviewed and that Neil only showed up just to play "Tom Sawyer". It was a miracle that all three were there throughout the whole show - interview and performance in all. Again it is one of those rare occurences.

I believe that the only time all three will appear together is if they are performing onstage or part of tribute induction ceremonies (example: Harvard National Lampoon, Juno Hall Of Fame and The Order Of Canada), although Neil was not present at Canada's Walk Of Fame for the obvious reason since he was still healing from the tragedies he indured. I sincerely hope that all three of them will be together for their induction as Rush into the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

This is just an observation from myself with the things I have read in the newspaper, heard on the radio or viewed on television or the Internet about Rush.
#60 - Posted 3/21/09 @11:45AM by TommYYZ [contact]

-55 Whoops, I guess I was really jacked up yesterday, plus I went with my new girl friend so I missed a few parts.

There is another thing I can't remember from the film. The credits list "Fly by Night" I think this is because of the scene where Rudd is going over the set list and sings FBN, which is funny cause they would have had to seen the band in like 77 to hear that, but he does say other songs that are not listed in the credits, doesn't he? If that is so I was thinking that maybe they had a scene with FBN in it that got cut last minute? Be interesting to see if there is any extra Rush footage.

Anyone know where Alex is? He missed all his interviews and the movie? He must be getting some work done (of the hair and or plastic kind).
#59 - Posted 3/21/09 @11:16AM by RushFanForever [contact]

Grgreg that find was a happy accident in a way. I have been trying for awhile to find something on the web to see if Alex had attended a premiere screening of "I Love You Man" - whether it be with Geddy and Neil or on his own. It is a shame that for whatever reason it was not all three of them together. Maybe in the spirit of the movie, Geddy and Neil went on their own bromance date together. I bet all three did the rock, paper and scissors game together (to quote Presto) to determine who the lucky band couple would be that would attend the premiere. You can't always do everything as a trio because in a situation like this, two's company and three's a crowd, LOL.
#58 - Posted 3/21/09 @9:12AM by GRgreg [contact]

Cool link. Thanks RFF.
Do you think he was tipped off, or was he home lying on the sofa watching that show?
#57 - Posted 3/21/09 @6:00AM by RushFanForever [contact]

Paul Rudd and Jason Segel were interviewed back on March 5th to promote the "I Love You Man" film on MuchMusic and near the end of the interview, a mystery caller by the name of Alex spoke with the guys. Check it out.


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