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Wed, Jan 17, 2018

Rush DVD status update; tentative November 4th release

Fri, Jul 25, 2008@12:10PM | comments

If you read Tuesday night's Atlanta open thread, you already know that the band filmed the show. Despite some very inclement weather (2 inches of hail and 80mph winds!) which caused a slight delay (8:30 instead of 8:00), there was a huge crowd on hand and Rush had a number of HD cameras from FogoLabs in place. The main purpose for the filming was to capture video of the new songs - Red Barchetta, The Trees, Ghost of a Chance, 2112, and Neil's drum solo for bonus footage on the upcoming DVD, but the entire show was filmed for posterity. There were two very large swinging boom HD cameras on either end back by the end of the seated section just before the lawn. Those swung back and forth for the entire show. There were two manned stationary cameras on the side of either far section (one for Geddy and one for Alex). They had two cameras behind Neil with one attached to his kit, one camera on top of a pole over where the sound board was located and Alex had a stationary camera at his feet. There were also two on platforms near the spotlights on the roof in the back. These were all in addition to the standard in-house cameras in the photo pit. Apparently the footage was to head immediately back to FogoLabs for processing after the show so it could be ready for the DVD - which now has a working release date of November 4th if all goes according to schedule. Alex and Geddy will be taking the next several weeks off before putting their attention towards adding their finishing touches to the DVD and Neil is working on the packaging.