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Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie now playing
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Animated Neil PeartUPDATE - 4/15@10:17AM: There's a short interview with Neil Peart in today's Toronto Star where Neil discusses his involvement with the film. The article is titled Rush's Peart shows off comedic chops as drum-playing watermelon seed in Aqua Teen. One of the more interesting tidbits; for the Drum Solos of Life that appear in the film, Neil gave them a bunch of 30-second clips from his drum solos to choose from that sounded spiritual.

Yesterday I mentioned that the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie featuring Neil Peart released yesterday. Several fans have seen it and we now have more details of Neil Peart's role in the movie. Apparently Neil plays a miniature version of himself and only has a few lines. He first appears inside a watermelon which he travels around in with his melon-slice alien friend (voiced by Chris Kattan). He is permanently attached to his lime green drumset with the bass drums secured to his feet so that when he walks he has to kick the bass drums forward, making a resonating "thud" with each step. Neil is never referred to by his last name and Rush is never mentioned. Neil also has the ability to resurrect the dead by playing his Drums of Life; he resurrects Meatwad in the film. I did not see the movie myself but got the info from a couple of emails (thanks cpb) and a post from The Deathless Horsie over at Counterparts. If you saw it, please share your review/thoughts in the comments.

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#14 - Posted 7/12/07 @12:39AM by [contact]

#13 - Posted 7/10/07 @4:13PM by eastcobb [contact]

Being from Atlanta, I can't help but wonder if Neil came here to record his part or not, since Aqua Teen's TV show is produced in Atlanta.
#12 - Posted 7/10/07 @12:46PM by bruins21 [contact]

Geddy is prominently featured, without seeing him, in a regular season episode from a couple years ago. Someone chopped it together nicely here:
I don't think the movie lived up to how hilarious the show has always been(rent or download highly recommended). Featuring Neil was awesome though.
#11 - Posted 4/16/07 @11:01PM by How f---ing cool is Geddy Lee. [contact]

The interview in The Star is great, if a bit brief.

SEJAFRET: replacing the frets on your guitar or bass with greasy french fries, then eating your drumsticks because they look like french fries...and then waking up and writing a mental instrumental and calling it 'La Villa Strangiato', which translated means 'I shouldn't have had those greasy fries & that thick milkshake before bed last night -- and now I need to get some exercise before the tour'

#10 - Posted 4/16/07 @6:01PM by skl183

I might actually go see this on the Saturday the 21st even though critics reviews have been bad. Aqua Teen is still one of the few classics from the Adult Swim Golden Age (2001-2003) that is still going strong...somewhat.
#9 - Posted 4/15/07 @8:56PM by primemover [contact]

well, i've been watching Aqua on and off for the past couple of years....

the show is indeed ODD! but has some pretty funny moments...

i went and saw the movie this PM (had a pretty grumpy weekend) and it really HIT THE SPOT!

almost spit my soda out a few times! some really STUPID (though funny) stuff!

as for Mr. Peart... he is in the show for all of ~15 secs (if that) in the beginning and ~30 or so at then end...

i was QUITE dissapointed as the "trailer" that is shown (with him drumming as part of a band) is NOT in the movie...

(unless it came at the very end of the credits which i did not stay for)

it was a fun diversion... but if you are not an ATHF fan, you prob should wait to rent it..

- prime
#8 - Posted 4/15/07 @1:27PM by El Chico Analogo [contact]

That sounds trippin'. I think this is the show that has a talking french fry containter that has a soul patch. I'll have to check it out
#7 - Posted 4/15/07 @10:48AM by RushKid [contact]

I checked my local theater's website and apparently it's not released in Canada yet!!! This is an outrage!!! I've been waiting for this for a while, and when I heard Neil was involved, that only made me even more interested. Electric Brain......there is an episode where theyu mention Geddy in numerous ways and many funny little Rush references as well. It is called "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary". You can check out the full episode on YouTube I think and Ed posted something on it a long while back.

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#6 - Posted 4/15/07 @10:46AM by chutch15 [contact]

ATHFCMFFT is very funny. It's bizarre for sure, so you if you are not familiar with the show, you may be thrown for a loop. I'd recommend checking out some episodes on Adult Swim or online ahead of time. Neil's involvement is pretty funny. He's known to us as intelligent and very well-spoken, and to hear and "see" him play a dopey role is really odd. The Drum Solo of Life stuff is hilarious. The animators actually did a decent job trying to sync up the visuals to the audio!

Keep an eye out for the Philadelphia skyline! :)
#5 - Posted 4/15/07 @9:51AM by justinAKAhiney [contact]

In addition to my work as a programmer, I also manage a movie theater... The Warner Theatre in Morgantown, WV. We got the movie for our theater and have seen it a couple times since the debut Friday. Neil does indeed save meatwad at some point with the Drum Solo of Life. Neil is funny throughout the movie as he lives inside a watermelon and plays the drums. It's great. I highly recommend it. Though if you aren't a fan of the show, you aren't going to like the movie because it's alot of the same kind of humor just more of it.

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